Pain in Lower Abdomen Female System

Any Pain in lower abdomen female reproductive system can be distressing especially when the reasons behind it are unknown. Women are made unique in many ways more so their reproductive system.

The female reproductive system comprises of many tissues which cause tremendous pain when infected or affected in any way.
For many women, the cause of such pain is not easily detectable even after several visits to the doctor. This is attributed to the many tissues in that area that make it very difficult to locate the infected area.

The major organs that could cause pain in lower abdomen female reproductive system include the ovary, the uterus, and the fallopian tubes. These are the most sensitive organs and the most important for child birth.

Causes of Pain in Lower Abdomen Female Reproductive System

pain in lower abdomen female

pain in lower abdomen female

In most cases, causes of pain in the lower abdomen in female can easily be identified especially when related to biological changes in women such as menstrual and labor pains.

Urinary track infections, miscarriages and appendicitis are also major causes of pain disorders in lower abdomen for women.  Investigations show that, any prolonged pain in the lower abdomen should be checked thoroughly by a qualified doctor.

Menstrual pain

Towards the end of the menstrual cycle, most women experience cramps. These cramps can either be mild or very painful in some women. These pains are easy to identify and deal with except in instances where it is the first time. The duration of pain varies with every woman and can be contained by taking pain killers but in extreme conditions, women are advised to see a doctor. The most common remedies for extreme pain are contraceptive pills and strong doses of pain killers.

Labor pain

This is another common abdominal pain which most pregnant women experience during child birth. The pain is normally caused by abdominal tissues pressing hard on the lower abdomen. This kind of pain does not need medication, unless very severe because, it disappears immediately after giving birth. Sometimes, your doctor will prescribe a pain relief medicine to sooth the pain.

Other Causes and Treatment of Pain in Lower Abdomen Female

Urinary track infections

These infections are common especially in young women who are sexually active.
The urinary track is situated at the lower abdomen and if affected, it causes soreness on the lower abdomen female reproductive system. This problem can be a threat since the infections can lead to other major abnormalities such as cancer. It is advisable to seek medical advice before the infection spreads or becomes severe.


The signs include, spotting before the onset of pain or virginal bleeding. The pain may be on and off like cramp and it occurs mostly during the first ten weeks of pregnancy. Any unwarranted pain during pregnancy might be a looming miscarriage.
Failure to seek medical attention may result to loosing your pregnancy or even death.

Appendicitis as a Cause of Pain in Lower Abdomen Female

Appendicitis is a painful swelling of the appendix also known as inflammation of the appendix. The appendix is normally situated in the lower abdomen. It is sudden and painful unlike any other pain in the sense that, it can wake you up. This kind of pain is relieved by complete removal of the appendix.
Any kind of pain in lower abdomen female should be taken care of as fast as possible especially during pregnancy.