Pain in Left Lower Back | Causes and Treatment

Any time you experience back pain, particularly pain in left lower back, ensure you visit a physician for medical check up. Never ignore pain as it may be a symptom of more internal body problems.However, it may be just a minor ache that can be solved by taking an antibiotic.

It is important to understand the nature of your lower back pain and the extent of harm it brings to your body. Knowing how you feel is helpful to the doctors as it provides a basis for their diagnosis.

Categories of pain in Left Lower Back

Not all back pains are the same.  Back pain may be described as sharp or dull, constant or shelling.  There are two categories of back pains; chronic and acute.

lower back pain left side

lower back pain left side

Acute pain generally stops immediately after taking medication or therapy.

Chronic pain is pain that does not stop if even after medication and may continue for weeks, months, or even years.  Chronic pain can be relieved for a period of time and after which it then heats up again.

Common Causes of Pain in Left Lower Back

During pregnancy, it is normal to experience left side lower back pain.  This is because of the growth of the uterus, and hormonal changes.  When the uterus expands, it changes the center of gravity of your body which causes stretching and weakening of abdominal muscles.  This leads to change of normal posture and can lead to strain on the lower back muscles.

If a growing uterus squashes on a nerve, this may cause pain.  Also, ligaments and joints that attach the pelvic bone to the spine may loosen because of the hormonal changes causing discomfort on the lower back. During pregnancy you can experience lower back pain while you stand, sit, stand, and walk for long periods of time but this are just normal with pregnancy. However, if the pain becomes severe or persistent it is advisable you visit a doctor.

Kidney Infection

Infection of the kidney causes swelling on the kidney and also on muscles around it. This push of organs and muscle strain the spine back and cause sharp pains on the lower left side of ones back.  When the infection extends to the bladder this may interfere with nerves on the lower back leading to back pains.

Heavy Breathing

It is not common to relate back pains with breathing but the truth is that these two are in a way connected to each other. Heavy breathing caused by internal injury or cardiovascular complications may extensively stretch the diaphragm and the lower back muscles. This change may cause one to experience pain on the left side of the lower back.

Treatment of Pain in Left Lower Back

Treatment of back pain will depend on the cause of this pain.  This may vary from taking a few antibiotics to relieve the pain to more complex medication or therapy. For example, if you are experiencing pain during pregnancy, a doctor may recommend some stretches that will help to ease the pain.  If your pain is caused by a more serious condition, then a different treatment will be prescribed.

Exercising is recommended remedy to back pain.  Doing the right exercises helps to strengthen the back muscles and make them heal properly. Always make sure you exercise properly to avoid further damage on your back and spine.

Rest is also recommended in the first few days the pain is experienced. This will help one to ease the pain on the lower back and have a quick recovery.