Dealing with Lower Abdominal Pain Right Side during Pregnancy Fast

Are you pregnant and experiencing abdominal pain right side during pregnancy? Many women as they approach the first stage in pregnancy, the belly grows larger and they start to experience a sharp and aching pain in the stomach area.

This pain is known as lower abdominal pain. This may be normal with pregnancy but can a sign of serious complications and a medical check up is recommended.

Causes of Lower Abdominal Pain Right Side during pregnancy?

With all the changes that take place during pregnancy period, is obvious for women to wonder whether what the pain is normal or there is a sign of particular complication. The abdomen undergoes major changes during pregnancy, therefore many pregnant women will complain about acute pain. . This usually happens around the time the embryo is implanting itself in the lining of the uterus.

abdominal-pain-right side in-pregnancy

abdominal-pain-right side in-pregnancy

Stretching the muscles and ligaments that support your uterus stretch can cause pains across the belly or a sharp pain on right side of the abdomen. Many women feel this pain most severely when getting up from a bed, chair or when coughing.
Cramping in the last weeks of pregnancy may be a sign that labor is almost ready to begin. At the start of labor, you may have strong cramps that come regularly every five to ten minutes, and feels like a bad backache or menstrual pains.
Normal lower abdominal pain may also be caused by gas and bloating brought about by hormones that slow your digestion process.

False labor in some women can cause lower abdominal pain on the right side. False labor tends to rise in the weeks right before your due date, and can be confused with early labor.

First Aid for Lower Abdominal Pain Right Side During Pregnancy

What to do immediately you experience the pain?
As you feel lower abdominal pain, sit down, put your feet up and relax. Resting comfortably should quickly relieve your symptoms.
Put a hot water bottle wrapped with a towel on the lower part of the belly where the pain is originating from.
Avoid turning your waist position frequently.
Make sure you take a lot of fluids.
Once you notice the pain take a warm shower
Doing housework or changing position may help to relieve gas pain.

How to deal with Lower abdominal pain right side during pregnancy

Abdominal pain is nothing new to many women, seems that way in real life though. Also a problem with the right ovary causes pain to many women. These are short term pains that one experience during pregnancy.

To avoid such disorders, the herbal practice therapy is the best way to go. Taking some lemon tea added with honey will treat the lower abdominal pain. You should have a rich diet of iron, vitamin B and calcium to get relief from uterus.
Eating a healthy diet comprising of mainly fruits will help ease complications that bring lower abdominal pain.
Do a lot of gym work to stretch your muscles.

During pregnancy they are many changes that occur in woman’s body and learning how to cope with them is very essential. Lower abdominal pain on the right side is common during this period and a little ache in the stomach is alright but extreme pangs of pain for along time can be risky to both the mother and the unborn child. Due to this, it is always advisable to go for frequent check ups to ensure all is well.