Side Pains Left Side | Great Tips to Get Rid of Them Fast

Are you experiencing body pains especially side pains left side or side pains on your left side? Here are real solutions you need to cure it. Look no further as you have found an article that discusses it at length.

The left side of a human body is comprised of half thoracic vertebrae and half ribs that are supported by sternum bone and costal cartilage which connects the ribs to the sternum.

The ribs are compressed bones that are curled and they help in expansion, motion and contraction of the abdominal zone.
Left side pains can make you very uncomfortable and could even become severe. since most people do not know the particular causes of these types of pain, they move from one health facility to the other looking for an effective cure.

Causes of side pains left side

The most affected area by this type of side pain is the ribs. Most people believe that the pain is caused by sleeping in an improper position, in some cases it is so but in some it is not. Accidents or injuries can also be a cause of side pain left pain, whereby, there is a rib fracture, cartilage inflammation, irritable bowel syndrome or costochondritis.

Side pains left side

Side pains left side

Cartilage inflammation

A cartilage is positioned between the ribs and the breastbone. When it is inflamed by injury or accident it can cause severe pain on the rib cage. This pain can spread to the left arm region and if not taken care of early enough, it can lead to a lung problems or a heart attack.


This is a condition that occurs in effect of the inflammation of the rib cage muscles. This is a primary condition that is associated with side pain left pain as it affects respiratory problems. The pain is caused by the strain of excessive coughing.

Fractured rib

The ribs are sensitive and they can be injured by the smallest of accidents. Therefore you should never ignore the slightest pain, ensure you get a doctor to do an x-ray, MRI or CT scan to determine on the status of the injuries.

Irritable bowel syndrome

Over eating, lack of exercise, excess consumption of high fiber food and not taking enough water can also cause side pain left pain. Improper consumption causes problems to the digestive system hence failure to secrete enough enzymes that help in food breakdown.
The gas produced get trapped on the left loop of the intestine hence causing rib cage pain.

Prevention of Side Pains Left Side

It is said prevention is better than cure; your body has only you to take care of, where it is applicable ensure you stay safe.
However there are some things that are beyond your control that might cause the side pain left pain. You should visit a doctor for proper and effective treatment.

Treatment of Side Pains Left Side

In most cases the doctor might give you non steroid ant-inflammatory drug such as naproxen (Aleve) or ibuprofen (Advil or Motrin). This treatment is used in less severe cases as it only relieves the side pain left pain.

For those having difficulties in sleep the doctor can prescribe tricyclicn antidepressants in form of steroid injection or a local anesthetic.

The medications defer depending with effect of the side pain left side. If you are experiencing this condition refrain from heavy duties as they may cause deep breathing triggering pain.