Causes of Back Pains Between Shoulder Blades and Treatments

Back Pain between Shoulder Blades is very common and an uncomfortable disorder that is affecting many people today. A lot of people are ignorant of the fact that the delicate joint is frequently on motion and it only rests when the rest of the body is relaxed.

Many often complain of shoulder pain when they carry out a physical job for an extended period of time. Sometimes some people take the shoulder pain easily and think that it will heal by itself.

Back Pain between Shoulder Blades can sometimes be felt in the neck as well as at the blades. There are different causes of back pain between shoulder blades and they can be categorized into two; that is, diseases and physical causes.

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Diseases that Cause Back Pain between Shoulder Blades

Back pain between shoulder blades

Back pain between shoulder blades

Heart Diseases: Pain in the shoulder blade is one of the symptoms of heart attack. The pain from aortic dissection can cause sharp Back Pain between Shoulder Blades. Any kind of pain on the shoulders should never be taken lightly as it may be a symptom of a serious cardiac condition.

However you need not be alarmed as the shoulder pain that is caused by heart attack would usually be pain that affects the rest of the body too. The whole body somehow reacts to this form of pain and you will feel pain in the shoulder blades, arms and the muscles surrounding the chest.

Liver Cancer: If you have liver cancer, there is a possibility that you may feel pain in between shoulder blades. There are other symptoms of the disease like lumps on the right side of the rib cage whose pain can transmit to the shoulders.

Arthritis: Is one of the main causes of Back Pain between Shoulder Blades, especially in old people. Arthritis leads to dysfunction of the joints of the vertebrae and upper back ribs resulting in joint pain.

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Physical Causes of Back Pain between Shoulder Blades

Surgeries: In case of breast cancer surgery, the cut in the armpit and on the breast and can lead to back pain between shoulder blades; as the rhomboid main muscle gets harassed.

Muscle Cramps: Cramps or strain on the shoulder muscles while exercising or while performing heavy daily activities can also cause the pain.

Abnormal Changes: Frustration of the diaphragm can cause shoulder blade pain. For example, in case of ectopic pregnancy, the woman may experience Back Pain between Shoulder Blades.

Injuries: Structural injuries to the bones, tendons and ligaments can cause shoulder displacement or shoulder parting, leading to Back Pain between Shoulder Blades. A rotator cuff (structure consisting of muscles and tendons, supporting the shoulder and promoting arm movement) injury can result in upper back pain. Rotator cuff exercises, under the guidance of an expert may help ease the pain steadily.

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Treatment for Back Pain between Shoulder Blades

To treat the Back Pain between Shoulder Blades, anti-inflammatory pain prescriptions are recommended by doctors.

One can also use heat pads or ice packs which help to ease the pain.
Enough rest is essential for fast recuperation of the shoulder blade.

It is good to perform Shoulder exercises under the guidance of a physical instructor.  Massage and Physical therapy work great for pain behind shoulder blades. In some severe cases, doctors do advise cortisone vaccinations.

Accurate diagnosis and prompt treatment will offer one quick relief from shoulder blade pain and will help one move freely. Pain can really affect your daily activities. If the pain affects you, take charge and know the right treatment of Back Pain between Shoulder Blades.

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