Simple Lower Back Exercises Men Require

You now have to go back to these Lower back exercises men and women evaded long ago as they have become more than necessary in life. Even as 85% of Americans report having experienced back pain. Lower back problems could start out simple but end up depriving you of mobility and a normal lifestyle. You should not wait till the symptoms develop to start these exercises. It is important for one to start and maintain these back workouts to prevent back aches in the early stages.

Some of the back related problems could be classified in various ways: the first being Muscles related and the other being The Spine, in other cases, preventable and un-preventable, the pains caused by accidents could be un-preventable even as they affect the Spinal Cord. It is good to know this as you will be able to understand what you’re working out on. Most back pains affecting many males are as a result of the muscles supporting the back bone.

Lower Back Exercises Men

Lower Back Pain

This is because Males have a smaller pelvic area and therefore require more strength to support the upper body. The pressure is thereby exerted on the Spine and surrounding muscles. Office sitting, standing for long and carrying heavy loads while in incorrect body positions are some of the major reasons given for spinal injuries.

Since most of the above causes cannot be avoided easily, one needs to look for ways to keep their body in a position to withstand daily pressures. Part of these requires using exercise, in cases where the back pain might be excess we recommend a visit to a qualified doctor.

Simple Lower Back Exercises Men Require

These are simple workouts that don’t require so much expense on your part and help strengthen your back muscles and spine effectively:

  • Frequent Change of Office Sitting Positions: Most of us spend our day working on the computers, blogging and sipping our cup of coffee etc. During this time the back becomes uncomfortable and you find your body tending to shift one way or another. This happens cause you have subjected the spine to pressures in one area and worn out it’s stability. You need to easen the pressure by changing it from one side to the other so as to balance.
  • Stand up more often: While many see this aspect of standing as tedious, it is very important and should be done almost every twenty to thirty minutes of sitting down. By standing you release the pressures from part of the spinal muscles to the others. It is because of this, that when you sit for a whole day your back muscles cry for your attention to stand and give them some relief. You could start by answering the office phone while standing, greeting visitors while standing and not while sitted.
  • Move around: Walking whether indoors or outdoors, not only helps the mind relax but also exercise your back muscles. While walking, you exert pressure in both sides of your spinal muscles in a rhythmic motion. This engages some muscles as it relieves others; the process is very good since you increase blood circulation in the muscle area.
  • Stretching: This involves different methods of stretching, one you could stand up, lay down or perform others while sitted. However you should take precaution not over do any stretch as it may lead to harm. If you already have a back related problem and want to do this then you need to consult your physiotherapist before trail. You could get some back stretches from here.
  • Don’t overdo any of the above: Why do we say that? Your back muscles require you to care for them tenderly and overdoing any of the above will lead to more problems instead of solutions. Enjoy balancing the different positions of standing together with sitting.

Lower Back Exercises Men Need

Back pain is the 5th most common health challenge with 70% to 85% of Americans being affected. Majority of working adults have all reported back pains at least annually. The facts report that we all have encountered back pains in our lives and this demands that we prevent future occurrences now.

Let me share a quote from this report on back pain in American;

Americans spend at least $50 Billion per year on back pain—and that’s just for the more easily identified costs.

You could read the rest of the report here

Simple Lower Back Exercises Men Require: Summary

Let’s focus on preventing back pain by exercising and staying active throughout the day. Being inactive is credited with the majority of the health cases. People strain their back muscles when they lie, sit down or stand for long hours. You should stop the trend by changing positions and save your lower back before it’s too late.

We hope these are lower back exercises men and women can implement despite their daily schedules.