Abdominal Pain and Bloating Home Remedies

Are you experiencing abdominal pains and bloating? This mostly happens after eating and could become very discomforting and painful. This article is out to explore the world of abdominal pains and their relation to bloating.

Abdominal pain can be defined as pain originating from the abdominal area. The abdomen is the area on the lower side of the chest that lies between the diaphragm and the pelvis. The abdominal pain is mostly associated with pain in the stomach although from a scientific perspective, it refers to pain emanating from the organs residing within the abdomen including the stomach, the small intestines, colon, spleen, gallbladder and the pancreas.

Sometimes, the pain in the abdomen may be coming from sources other than organs within the abdomen; such sources may include lower lungs, the kidneys or the uterus and ovaries. These types of abdominal pain are known as referred pain. In some cases, the abdominal pain may be accompanied by bloating and flatulence.

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Causes of Abdominal Pain and Bloating

abdominal pain and bloating

abdominal pain and bloating

The occurrence abdominal pain and bloating may be an indication of another disease in your body. Sometimes the pain may be excruciating and this may be an indication of a minor disease or sometimes may be a minor discomfort which may actually signify a very serious onset of a deadly disease in the body.

The significance of such pains can only be properly explained by visiting a doctor. Most of the time, inflammation of the organs in the body actually causes the onset of pain.

In most cases the pain is unbearable that it may disrupt the normal activities of a person. In other cases, bloating and flatulence may be embarrassing particularly in a social setting and it comes calling. When such things occur, a solution is sought with utmost speed and tenacity; this article attempts to help people deal with the discomfort caused abdominal pain and bloating.

Abdominal pain as we have learnt can be caused by a variety of factors. Before seeking an effective treatment for pain felt in the abdomen, it is important that you first determine whether you are having an acute pain or just a mild type of abdominal pain. For mild pain, the causes are numerous; they range from pregnancy to the type of food that we eat.

Mild pain in the abdomen may sometimes be ignored by the person suffering from the pain and may go away on its own, however chances of the pain recurring are numerous if it’s not arrested in the first instance.

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Home Remedies for Abdominal Pains and Bloating

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One of the best ways of dealing with abdominal pain that is mild is by avoiding certain foods; foods that are greasy, or have acid qualities are more often than not some of the major culprits. It is important that you take small sips of clear liquids such as water when you feel experience abdominal pain and bloating.

You should also avoid any solid foods for a few hours after the onset of the pain as it may be as a result of indigestion. One more thing is that you should avoid any medication that is anti inflammatory including brufen and aspirin. If the pain is felt on the upper part of the abdomen anti acids may be taken.

One way of completely getting rid of abdominal pain and bloating especially if its acute is by giving your body exercise. Having excess weight in the body is unhealthy as the body will continue storing more fats and will inadvertently be unable to digest all the fats. It is also important that you avoid eating or combining proteins and carbohydrates in one meal.

This is because they require opposing chemicals, i.e. acids and alkaline to digest and this will definitely cause problems in the stomach. You should also ensure that you do not eat a variety of fruit at the same time. Studies have shown that different fruits have different digestion periods and you should give your stomach at least thirty minutes before introducing fruit of a different variety. You should also ensure that your diet always has a fiber rich food in it and you should take as much water as possible.

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For some people, the pain may be severe and recurring. The severe abdominal pain and bloating can be characterized by any of the following signs:

  • Involuntary movement of muscles in the abdomen
  • Pain that is persistent and is accompanied by tenderness and swelling in any part of the abdomen as well as High fever

If a person exhibits any of the symptoms mentioned above, it is important that they visit their physician. Home remedies may prove to be effective but will only work for a limited time and the abdominal pain and bloating will eventually come back sometimes even worse than before. The most effective remedy may prove to be a surgery performed by a qualified doctor.

Bloating is one of the most common disorders of the stomach; it is characterized by high levels of gas in the stomach as well as swelling of the stomach. It is mostly caused by overeating or combining non tolerant food groups in a meal. The best remedy is to take in a lot of water and ensure there is enough fiber in the body. If you are in need of a quick relief from bloating, a quick fix of a teaspoon of cumin seeds will help you get rid of the gases naturally. It is also important that you do not hold back on the release of the gases either through belching or by farting.

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Abdominal Pains and Bloating Treatment

The remedies provided for the treatment of abdominal pain and bloating are useful for everyday situations. Many times some of us may find ourselves all alone but are in excruciating pain, the home remedies will help you alleviate some of the pain while you wait for much needed help to come. It is therefore imperative that if a person wants to completely get rid of abdominal pains and bloating in the long haul, they should stick to the suggestions above.

Stomach pains and bloating are some of the most common pains that anyone of us can experience. At any one time each one of us has had a stomach problem occasioned by several factors. If you do not get the right treatment then the pain will always find a way of coming back.

Finding the right kind of treatment for the disorders was always an imperative choice for many people. The safest choice in finding long lasting treatment is by following the words of experts on matters health that base their suggestions on facts rather than opinions. This article has outlined various home treatment remedies for abdominal pain and bloating.

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