Get over the Pain in Abdomen Left Side | Causes and Treatment

Pain is experienced in every part of the body and pain in abdomen left side is no exception. In some cases the pain may not occur at the abdomen itself but may cause abdominal discomfort.

An example is the strep throat which is associated with abdominal pain. However, some pains may originate from the abdomen and are not related to the gastrointestinal tract (a tube that extends from the mouth to the anus).

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pain in abdomen left side

Abdominal Pain in Adults

Causes of pain in abdomen left side in adults

The pain is caused by different situations ranging from minor to complicated ones for example heart burn or colon cancer respectively.

The pain may be triggered by kidney infections and, irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, uterine fibroid, menstrual cramping (in women), stomach ulcers and kidney stone among others.

Causes of pain in abdomen left side in children

The child may not be able to say exactly where hurts but here are some of the causes; Sickle cell crisis, parasite infection, chronic constipation and excess fructose.

Relieving pain in abdomen left side

The abdominal pain left side may be relieved in natural ways that is through exercising and by use of medicine. All this depends on the severity of the pain in abdomen left side.

There are various house hold methods that may be used; this includes hot water fomentation, deep breathing and massage. Deep breathing reduces the pain as well as the stress one might have in such a situation.

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One may also master a relaxation technique that works well with them. You should concentrate on the exercise since distraction may ruin the effect.

Well, if one does not have any technique in mind they might try a cup of herbal tea since it soothes the body and calms the nerves. However if the pain in abdomen left side is of a constant nature a physician may be consulted.

Using a heating pad may also help in reducing the pain in abdomen left side. The heat has a relaxing effect which goes a long way in soothing the part that is in direct contact with it. This in turn decrease the pain the person feels.

pain in abdomen left side

Pain in Abdomen Left Side

A person may also use drugs which are commonly known as pain killers. However this should be done at the beginning of the pain in abdomen left side. When one takes the drugs when the pain is already severe they have no effect, it will be of no use.

Some drugs have combination of pain reliever and antispasmodic drug. This combination is not rational and it is therefore advisable to ask the doctor to prescribe a safe drug.

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Summary of Pain in The Abdomen Left Side

Anti acids are recommended if the pain occurs after meals and especially if it is heart burn or indigestion.

In such a case you should avoid high-fat foods, citrus fruits, fried or greased foods carbonated beverages, tomato products, caffeine and alcohol.

A doctor may also prescribe drugs that control colon muscle spasms to reduce pain in abdomen left side.

The causes of pain in abdomen left side varies from one person to the other, it is therefore advisable to visit the doctor before one takes any medication.

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