Chest Pains When Breathing or Coughing | 6Amazing Home Remedies

Having pain chest pains when breathing or chest pains when coughing may or may not be an indication of an even worse underlying disease, this sort of notion is what actually makes many people dread when they feel that they have problems in their chests. The chest holds several organs that are extremely vital for the survival of a person; these include the heart, the esophagus and the lungs.

It is difficult to correctly diagnose where the pain may be coming from. Determining the primary cause of the pain is the first and most important step in trying to correctly prescribe the treatment for the pain. This article highlights the best remedies for treating chest pains when breathing or coughing.

One way of determining whether you require immediate medical attention is by to find out whether you are experiencing severe pain in the chest, in which case, you should seek urgent medical attention. If the pain radiates from the left side of the chest then you should definitely seek medical attention.

Chest pains when Coughing

A man Coughing

Causes of Chest Pains when Breathing or Coughing

There are different characteristics of chest pains when breathing or coughing with some being dull while others being sharp. Some pain may actually be emanating from other body parts but it is carried by nerves to the chest and is felt there.

Many people mistakenly diagnose themselves with heart attack and this gravely aggravates their suffering. A heart attack occurs when there is an accumulation of fat in the coronary arteries which restricts the flow of blood to the heart and may even sometimes block the flow of blood.

This causes a sharp sensation of pain in the chest. Sometimes however you may experience pain in the heart after the consumption of a heavy meal.  Some of the major causes of congestion in the chest are mainly due to a clogged heart. It is possible to relieve the pain when it’s mild using home remedies.

Remedies For Chest Pains when Breathing or Coughing

  1. Onion juice has been touted as the best cure for chest pains, when breathing or coughing. The onion juice may be taken in the morning, with a prescription of a single teaspoon. Alternatively, you may combine the onion juice with honey and let the mixture settle for five hours. When a teaspoonful of this mixture is taken in the morning, the cough that is accompanied by chest pains will clear very well.
  2. Second, ginger is also effective in the treatment of chest pains when breathing and when coughing. Ginger may however be quite bitter but when it is mixed together with honey, the taste may be tolerable.
  3. Third, herbal tea may also prove to be quite beneficial in the treatment of chest pains when breathing or coughing.
  4. Aromatherapy is another great way to stop chest pains when breathing or coughing. Mostly chest pains are aggravated by anxiety or stress, and aromatherapy is probably the best way to get rid of the stress. One good thing about aromatherapy is that once those fumes are inhaled, they affect nearly all organs of the body. The aroma contains ingredients such as essential oils which may be used in baths or infusers. The aromatherapy will not directly impact on the chest pains when breathing or coughing but will give you psychological and emotional balance that is beneficial in the long run.
  5. When you have chest pains that are caused by stomach problems. One of the best remedies to employ in order to relieve the pain is to take an antacid tablet or if you can’t access the tablet you may take a lot of water. In the future you should ensure that you take foods that do not disturb your stomach. A soda with lots of gas is another great solution to chest pains. When you take the soda, try to force out the gas through burps. The release of the gas will give you instant pain relief especially after taking a heavy meal. If you are a regular smoker, quitting smoking might be very beneficial to you.  Smoking actually constricts blood vessels in the heart making the heart work harder.
  6. Exercise may also be used as a great remedy to control chest pains when breathing or coughing. When a person exercises regularly, the risk of chest pain is reduced drastically. Exercise helps bring down blood pressure and also aids in the release of good cholesterol.  To reduce chest pain when coughing or breathing, you may start by handling a thirty minute exercise regime. The thirty minutes may be divided in three sessions, for example taking a ten minute walk from the bus stop followed by a ten minute walk to your workplace and a ten minute jog in the evening.

That is a great exercise and if possible should be repeated at least five days a week or every day of the week. Aerobic activities may also be performed in place of the regular walks or jogs. Aerobic activities together with activities such as swimming, running, cycling or even gardening will help a lot. To make the exercises more beneficial to help you alleviate chest pains when breathing or coughing, you should combine them with a balanced diet.

Treatment of Chest Pains when Breathing or Coughing

The chest pains have been some of the reasons why there has been low productivity in most sectors. The pain comes when least expected and more often than not, it may hinder work activities. This negatively impacts the performance of people. The home remedies for the treatment of chest pains when breathing or coughing are available to provide many people across the country suffering from pain in the chest with possibilities of relieving their pain quickly. When the suggestions provided above are followed promptly, the sufferer will be able to effectively deal with their chest problems.[learn_more caption=”Important Notice!”] It is easier to prevent chest pains than to treat them, some chest pains may be signs of more serious issues with the internal organs. One is advised to seek medical help and not ignore the chest pain It is easier to prevent chest pains than to treat them, some chest pains may be signs of more serious issues with the internal organs. One is advised to seek medical help and not ignore the pain[/learn_more]

Chest pains when breathing or coughing may be caused by a variety of factors, some of the factors may be natural but in most cases the pain is brought about by unhealthy lifestyle choices. Whichever the cause, many people suffer a lot because of the pains when they occur. Relieving the suffering due to chest pains can be quite tricky especially without a little information on management.

The suggestion provided above have been carefully researched so as to help you avoid suffering because of chest pains which can be managed. If followed promptly, they will positively help you deal with the pain. Choosing to ignore the suggestions is at the peril of the sufferer since mismanagement of the chest pains when breathing or coughing will aggravate the pain.

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