Middle Back Stretches | Benefits plus How to Avoid Aches and Pains

Exercise is an integral part of your body’s wellness, and stretching, especially middle back stretches that have been neglected almost entirely. The belief that exercising keeps the body healthy has led to many people going into it without consulting a trainer. Sooner or later, you start feeling pain in your lower back when picking up objects or even just bending.

The searing pain continues for slightly over a week, meaning you have to stop your regular workouts. This means that your body has not been able to adjust to the stress exerted on it and needs time to repair torn tissue.

Stretches prepare you and your body for the abnormal working of your muscles and ligaments.   Your preparation is mental while your body’s is physical. Mentally, the mind tells the body that it is just about to perform an abnormal task. The body goes ahead to produce endorphins which help to suppress stress. Endorphins are created in the body as pain relievers just like morphine.

Middle Back Stretches

Middle Back Pain

Once your body starts producing these endorphins, it is prepared for the workout. Most people go to the gym and they immediately start working out on the machines and weights. Yes they do warm up exercises, but they do not stretch properly and some, hardly ever do it.

The purpose of stretching is to create heat that causes the muscle and ligament tissue to expand with ease. Sudden muscle and ligament contraction and expansion are what cause pain.

How Can Middle back stretches help relieve back pain?

Middle back pain can be caused through various means. Some are caused through:

Bad sleeping positions

Mostly caused by sleeping on couches where there is straining of the neck and back. Fetal position sleeping, where your back is on the couch is one of those unhealthy sleeping positions that cause back pains.

Bad posture while standing or sitting

Pains of this nature are mostly caused by arching your back for long periods. Not sitting or standing up straight causes stress on the mid back muscles and thus causes pain in the long run.

Sprains and strains on mid back muscles

These happen due to working out excessively or not performing middle back stretches properly.

What are the best middle back stretches and what effects do they have?

As mentioned earlier, most people do not take middle back stretches seriously. When you go for a jog or hit the gym without proper warm up and stretching that could be detrimental to your body. It is like starting your car and driving without letting the engine warm up.  Hence proper middle back stretches will help you avoid painful sprains, strains, cramps and spasms.

Here are some of these stretches that work on your middle back:

The torso twist

This is one of the best middle back stretches available. It works specifically on the mid back muscles and thus is rendered the most effective of all mid back stretches.
It is very easy to do; stand with you hands akimbo and gently twist your body while keeping your knees facing forward as much as possible. When you feel the stretch on your mid back, hold that position for ten to twelve seconds and twist to the other side.

Interlace fingers, palm out stretching

This stretch is the easiest and ca be done anywhere and everywhere. You can do it while seated at your desk, in your car, practically anywhere.
Lock your fingers together and pull your palms inside out, like you are blocking the sun from your eyes. Raise you hands to shoulder height and push your hands forward. Hold for ten seconds and release.

Pull up bar hang

This is quite easy to do. All you need to do is hang from a bar and let your legs dangle freely without flexing your mid back muscles. You will feel like your back has been pulled down. The stretch pulls on the ligament in the pelvic floor.

Middle Back Stretches Summary

These are just some of the basic stretches that you could do to reduce the chances of injury and pain to your mid back. Remember that your body and mind need the stretches to prepare for the work out ahead.

Hence it is paramount that you perform these middle back stretches as much as possible for peace of mind and body.