Hip Pain during Pregnancy Effective Relief Techniques

hip pain during pregnancy

Hip pain during pregnancy is a normal symptom which plagues women in trimester three. However, some may experience this pain in trimester two, but it is typically a problem that occurs in final pregnancy weeks. Hip discomfort or hip pain can be mild or agonizing. Several women typically find this pain extremely unbearable because it keeps them awake a better part of the night and others experience tough times walking during the morning hours.

There are several causes of hip pain during early pregnancy. During pregnancy, a woman’s body releases the hormone relaxing, which serves the purpose of relaxing and softening all muscles and joints. This hormone comes in immense amounts for preparing the body for labor. Additionally, this hormone takes the responsibility of softening the pelvis and the joints, for it to become easy for the body of the baby to move past the birth canal during delivery. Unluckily, hormone relaxing increases someone’s injury susceptibility, and thus results in the pain of the hip to several women. Continue Reading