Top Solutions for Pulled Back Muscle Treatment

Pulled muscles treatment

What causes one to have a pulled back muscle? and how to both prevent and treat it. This article will describe what a pulled back muscle is and how to handle one.

A pulled back muscle, also referred as strained muscle occurs when a group of back muscles are stretched to the extreme. This condition causes consistent episodes of back pains and muscle pains. This regularly occurs from lifting heavy stuff at incorrect position.

The pain can be graded into three categories;

Level one involves a gentle discomfort on the back. This pain does not cause any disabilities or limit one to continue with their daily activities.
Level two is has a more temperate pain and sometimes can involve swelling and bruising. This can cause limit to high performance activities that require much energy.
Level three is the most severe back pain and causes swelling and spasm of the muscles with significant bruises involved. Continue Reading