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Belly button pain can be one unique but irritating pain. First it occurs in a place you rarely expect pain and second, it hurts.

Due to the uniqueness someone might as well ignore it and hope it will go away. Should we ignore this pain or do something about it? How do you deal with belly button pain?

This article will describe what belly button pain is, its causes and modes of treatments. You will understand more about it and find a reliable solution.

What do we Mean by Belly Button Pain?

This is a painful sensation felt in the abdomen around the navel area. The Navel or what is colloquially known as the belly button is such a sensitive area both normally and in times of pain.

Causes of Belly Button Pain or Navel Pain

The pain is not automatically said to be as a result of one thing and therefore one needs to assess it to establish what causes it. Some causes of Belly button pain are as follows;

Belly Button Pain or Navel Pain

Belly Button Picture

Skin Infections

Due to the sensitivity of this part of the body, the skin around it could easily be infected with viral or bacterial infections. The skin in this area opens up the abdomen to the external world and it sometimes can cause various types of infections if not well cared for.

It is usually common in young kids if their wound did not heal well during the first two weeks of life. Some infections soon go away while you might need to see a doctor to deal with the prolonged cases.


This is one main reason you should never ignore that belly button pain as in most cases it is related to appendicitis. Patients having appendicitis will mostly experience pain in the navel area as the organs affected lie slightly underneath.

The disease requires urgent attention and one needs to visit a medical clinic and get checked before it gets worse. Appendicitis pain usually increases in intensity and the patient becomes more and more uncomfortable.

Cystitis or Urinary Tract Infections

Since the pain could also be originating from the underlying body organs like the kidneys, gallbladder and organs slightly under the abdominal skin then it’s important to look at this too. You need to visit your doctor for examination and treatment as he/she needs to know the extent of the damage. The infection could spread to other organs if there is delay in treatment or action on your part.

Newborn Baby Belly Button Care Video — powered by ehow

Other Causes of Belly Button Pain

Stomach or Intestinal Infections

Belly button pain could also relate to other stomach and intestinal infections that could be affecting the organs. Small intestines and large intestines may be affected and can only be established through examination by a medical professional. The examination will reveal the extent and the mode of treatment to be applied.

Food Poisoning

This is due to an individual taking food that is either not cooked properly or food containing elements of reactive chemicals or food contaminated by staphyloccocus aureus(infective bacteria). The reactive elements end up in the stomach and where they mix up with hydrochloric acid in the tummy causing gas emissions that are very painful.

The degree of the poisoning will vary in most cases and end up affecting the belly button which results in navel pain. Food poisoning in most cases subsides as our body tries to fight it off but in other cases it might require medical interventions to reduce pain.

Pulled or Strained Stomach Muscles

Athletes working out the stomach muscles after a long period of rest usually experience this form of belly button pain. The abdominal pain is due to abdominal muscles stretching or contracting while exercising vigorously.

A person intending to undertake abdominal muscle exercises needs to warm them up before going for the vigorous exercises and avoid the pain. The pain usually does not stay long but disappears as the muscles relax. If this persists then one is advised to make a visit it the health clinic and get assistance.

Belly Button Pain Causes and Treatment Summary

One needs to understand that this form of pain is not usually associated with one illness or condition and each case needs to be treated separately. The pains have different variations and affect the belly button differently. Identifying where the pain originates either from underneath the skin i.e. in the abdominal organs or above it will help narrow your focus to a specific problem.

With these tips we hope you will be able to deal with your belly button pain and enjoy a pain free life.


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