Best Pillows for Neck Pain | 5 Top Tips on How to Choose

Are you suffering form chronic neck pain, stiff neck or neck discomfort? The problem might just be in the type of neck pillow you use. Due to many advertising agencies and competition in the market, most people find it hard to choose the best pillows for neck pain. Here are tips to help you make a good decision and buy a neck pillow you wont regret going to bed on.

Lets agree that most of our lives are spent sleeping, this means that even if you don’t suffer from any kind of neck pain you still need the best pillow for better sleep. You want to wake up in the morning excited for the day and not crying over the amount of discomfort experienced during previous night.

Here are things you need to look into before purchasing that pillow or swiping that credit card of yours. I believe they are worth the read and you’ll get to choose based on various factors.

best pillows for neck pain

Choosing the Best Pillows for Neck Pain

5 Top Tips on How To choose the Best Pillows for Neck Pain

  1. Comfort: The neck pillow you choose no matter the cost or type should be able to achieve this first test. You must be comfortable spending the night on that pillow. Comfort varies from person to person but it is the most important factor in determining the right pillow. Anyone suffering from neck pain knows very well the pain they’re going through and wouldn’t  want to provoke it further instead reduce it. It is  better to spend more and get the comfort you need hence a better night sleep.
  2. Proper Neck Support: This is very important as it will be able to support your neck in the right position as you sleep. There are sleeping positions like back sleeping and side sleeping that many people use during the night. Most people keep changing positions as they sleep therefore the pillow should be comfortable for you to change to whichever position you want without causing neck pain or stiffness.
  3. Soft but Firm: a soft pillow is good as it ensures the pressure applied to your head is not excess and your head can fit in the pillow. Firmness ensures that you are able to support the head and the neck in the right position. However the two need to be regulated, having a very firm pillow might increase discomfort and stiffness likewise having a very soft pillow might compromise the strength needed to hold your head.
  4. Adjust-ability: This is important as most of the pillows are designed for the average person and hence might not suite the individual neck pain needs. However, fluid based pillow or water based pillows are recommended as they are easy to adjust they water level and hence pressure. They also adjust easily at night as you turn your head position without causing discomfort.
  5. Level of Disability and Age of Patient: Not all pillows are suitable for all ages and levels of disability. Those suffering from a mild neck pain or neck discomfort might not need to go for extreme specifications of a neck pillow while those experiencing chronic neck pain need to look for a doctor recommended pillow to deal with the neck disorder. Children also need special care when using pillows as their necks are still tender and cannot handle the same pressures as adults.

Importance of Choosing the Best Pillows For Neck Pain

best pillows for neck pain

best pillows for neck pain

There are many varied types of pillows in the market but one needs to ensure that you not only get comfort but value for money and a good night sleep. Failing to use proper neck pillow could lead to the following;

  • Snoring: Lack of proper support to your head and neck leads to poor breathing and one ends up snoring thereby causing sleep interruptions and fatigue. The pillow you buy needs to help increase your ability to breathe without any problems throughout the night.
  • Neck Stiffness: This is the most common of all neck disorders and is caused by lack of proper neck support during sleep. Read stiff neck remedies for more about this illness. Using a good pillow can save you the pain of stiff necks and ensure you are ready to tackle your day with joy.
  • Chronic Neck Pain: This is one of the extreme cases and may be caused by constant neck discomfort, and or accidents amongst other forms of injuries. Patients in this category require maximum care and cannot afford to spend on neck pillows that tend to worsen the situation.
  • Other body injuries: This include Pinched nerve in neck, headaches, poor neck posture, muscle spasms in neck, disc pressure, arthritis, arm pain and shoulder pains.

How to Choose the Best Pillows for Neck Pain: Summary

The importance of proper sleeping positions together with the use of the right neck pillow cannot be over emphasized. You need to buy a pillow that will ensure you’re happy and able to live and enjoy your day without any neck or arm pain. Choose the best pillows for neck pain and you will not regret in future.


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