Causes and Treatment of Hip pain after sitting

Many of us have a job that requires us to be seated down for along time, either in front of a laptop or a phone. The effects of this extended sitting are that we start experiencing hip pain after sitting for extended periods. The hip joint carries a lot of weight.

A human being hip perform a great range of activities like flexing and expansion. All of these enable us to move backward, forward or sideways. A joint that has such a lot of movement has a higher chance of increasing pain situation, such as extended sitting can cause hip pain.

Causes of Hip Pain After Sitting

When experiencing a hurting hip, the hurt does not necessarily originate from the hip but elsewhere, and manifests itself in the hip.

hip pain after sitting

hip pain after sitting

This can be caused by the following.

  1. Weak foot posture
  2. Wrong sitting posture
  3. Wrong standing poise
  4. Painful knee
  5. Stressed muscles
  6. Spinal hurting
  7. Hip cracking

How to Prevent Hip Pain after Sitting?

You should put much consideration and avoid bending while favoring one side.

Check on your weight because when you add extra weight on your body it will put extra stress on your joint. Sustaining sensible weight is very essential.

Do stretch exercises before any physical doings. Muscles will become proper when they have been stretched. Be cautious to  prevent the danger of injuring the hip joints. Activities that stretch it, are often recommendable.

If you are experiencing foot problems: Keep away from activities that can hurt them. They will cause you to  walk in an abnormal way. Therefore it generate imbalance in the hip joint and this will cause hip pain . You can prevent this by having the right footwear and consulting with your doctor for medication on correction of the problem.

Sit down appropriately: This is by keeping your hip positioned correctly by sitting straight and not bending from that position to another. Do not keep your legs crossed. Sitting position helps in preventing hip pain.

Treatment for Hip Pain after Sitting

Relaxing -when in distress, beginning to rest is one of the best prescription that a doctor can recommend. If you lay on a flat surface it will help to relieve and reduce heaviness from the hip joint and help minimize hip pain.

Use walking canes or clutches -If you know you will put pressure on the hip joint by not using clutches or a cane then it is important to use them so as not to cause any distress to the hip joint to avoid any hip pains.
Use ice -normally ice is useful and is used straight away after the beginning of pain to ease swelling and is useful for a few days. After this time it will help relax the muscles of the injured area.

Hip Pain after Sitting Summary

Hip pain can be treated and also prevented; this is by avoiding any activities that could cause any stress to the hip joint. You should also sit and stand in the right posture to avoid any injuries to the spinal cord. 


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