Facts About Dimples on Lower Back or Dimples of Venus

A lot of myths have surrounded the topic of dimples on lower back. This is mainly because there is little on virtually no reliable informational research undertaken to demystify this. Many people have been clouded by notions of it being bad and others think it is good.

A search through many articles on the net only reveals the confusion that people have toward this discussion. Let us set out to unravel the mystery behind it.

What are dimples on lower back?

They are also referred to as Dimples of Venus, Butt Dimples, back dimples. These according to Wikipedia are explained as follows:

The dimples of Venus (also known as back dimples, or butt dimples) are sagittally symmetrical indentations sometimes visible on the human lower back, just superior to the gluteal cleft. They are directly superficial to the two sacroiliac joints, the sites where the sacrum attaches to the ilium of the pelvis.

The term “dimples of Venus”, while informal, is a historically accepted name within the medical profession for the superficial topography of the sacroiliac joints. The Latin name is fossae lumbales laterales (“lateral lumbar indentations”). These indentations are created by a short ligament stretching between the posterior superior iliac spine and the skin. They are thought to be genetic.

There are other deep-to-superficial skin ligaments, such as “Cooper’s ligaments”, which are present in the breast and are found between the pectoralis major fascia and the skin.

There is another use for the term “Dimple of Venus” in surgical anatomy. These are two symmetrical indentations on the posterior aspect of sacrum which contain a venous channel too. They are used as a landmark for finding the superior articular facets of the sacrum as a guide to place sacral pedicle screws in spine surgery. Article extracted from wikipedia

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Dimples on Lower Back

Dimples of Venus

What does having dimples on lower back mean? (is it good or bad?)

Dimples on your lower back are regarded by a majority of people (I included) to be very sexy, during sexual intimacy, I find myself rubbing my hands into my spouse’s butt dimples. The resultant feeling is one that I can confidently report to be enjoyable.

Any person having them will always boast of it to all their partners including their ex.’s. Dimples as seen on the image above is one to look forward to having no matter what.

Which people have dimples on their lower back? (Girls v/s Boys)

Both sexes can have the dimples of venus, though it is more seen in females/girls than in males. What makes it pronounced is having less abdominal fat to be able to expose the muscles and in turn butt dimples.

There are several celebrities who have been seen in public to be having the dimples of venus. The list of celebrities includes David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo (as seen wearing a white pant), Micheal Phelps and Ryan Shekler (as seen on ESPN cover newsletter). These are just but a few we can mention here, I know more celebrities and athletes have theirs to also show.

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How to get Dimples on lower back| How to get Dimples of Venus?

Can you use exercise to get dimples of venus?  Yes, but you need to find the right exercises to do that will ensure you achieve the best results. Before I share with you how to get these Sexy Back Dimples simply like our page and go ahead to view the videos
Here are the exercises that will enhance you dimples of venus, the are a few helpful videos I found online hope you’ll enjoy;

Here are other videos that deal with back  and butt exercises that you could use to enhance your back dimples

Hey, I would like to here from you on what you think about dimples of venus or how you feel about them,

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