Treatments for Pulled Muscle Lower Back

A pulled muscle lower back occurs when the lower back is stretched mostly due to a sport related injury. The strains are common and they can be treated at home except for serious damages that might require surgery to repair.

Fast Solutions To Treat Pulled Muscle Lower Back

There are many ways to treat a pulled muscle lower back some that you can do on your own.

Ice Packs

Immediately the injury occurs, apply ice to the area. This helps to ease the pain and avoid swelling. This method not only works to heal a swelling, it also reduces the possibility of acquiring an inflammation of the affected area.
Avoid placing the ice directly onto the skin by wrapping it in a cloth and gently placing it on the area around the pulled muscle.

Heat Packs

Following the application of ice, heating pads can also be used to ease pain and fast track healing. You might even find that switching between cold and hot therapy helps the healing process substantially. Applying heat by means of a customary heating pad or a bathed towel soaked in warm water allows the strained muscle to relax and heal.

Rest heals a pulled muscle lower back area

pulled muscle lower back Treatments for Pulled Muscle Lower Back

pulled muscle lower back

When you have lower back pain due to a pulled muscle the best thing to do is to rest. Resting the pulled muscle allows it to heal and reduces the risk of further damage. Taking a day or two off work and just lying in bed or on the couch can be the best thing to ease such pain.

Avoid Exercise

Exercise is an important part of healing. In fact, it is the movement of muscles that helps reduce scar tissues and encourages the back to return to its usual strength. However, too much exercise too soon can lengthen your injury period by escalating inflammation. During the first few days following your pulled muscle, keep it low key and avoid anything exhausting.

Medication Treatment

One of the first measures any doctor will take for a pulled back muscle will be medications. The doctor will want to get the inflammation or swelling, as well as the pain, under control. You will most likely be prescribed some sort of anti-inflammatory drug that will help get rid of the inflammation in the back.

Physical Therapy for a pulled muscle lower back

A physical therapist uses a range of treatment protocols to manage a strained lower back muscle. In the early stages, a therapist may use electrical muscle stimulation to help reduce the current inflammation and break muscle spasms. This is accomplished by placing electrodes on the muscles of the low back and using a machine that passes small amounts of electrical current into the muscle.

This makes the muscle expand and contract which eventually leads it to break the spasm. This process is painless and most patients find it comfortable and very helpful. Physical therapists also treat muscle imbalance and weakness through stretching and exercises.

Any of the above methods will guarantee you a less strained back and some even allow you to treat your pulled muscle lower back on your own.


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