Get Rid of The Shoulder Pain Pinched Nerve

Pain affects people during their lifetime; Shoulder pain pinched nerve is not an exceptional. The pinched nerve on the shoulder causes a lot of discomfort and intense pain. The bones, muscles, cartilage, tendons and tissues near the nerve exact pressure causing the “pinched” feeling.

Pinched nerves might occur any place in the body, but they normally affect the shoulder, neck and lower back. A painful shoulder can be caused by many factors and it is recommended that you seek medical attention.

Keys Causes of Shoulder Pain Pinched Nerve

shoulder pain pinched nerve

shoulder pain pinched nerve

Nerves can become “pinched” during;


Exercise can cause direct trauma if there is joint dislocation. Sports like tennis, handball, basketball and football. This may sometimes go unnoticed and show the effects later.


Inflammation may occur on the shoulder joint; this may be caused by a virus that might have originated from other parts of the body.

Bone diseases

Shoulder pain pinched nerve can be caused by rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and osteoarthritis that affect the shoulder join. These bone diseases may cause bone erosion which leads to inflammation.

Tear or strain and fracture

Ligaments, muscles and tendons can be torn or strained during exercise or fall; this may cause pain on the shoulder joint.

Fractures can occur on the joint due to osteoporosis, where the bones become porous and weak. This can be caused by trauma or by normal joint movement.

Other diseases

Shoulder Pain Pinched Nerve can be caused by Sarcoma (Cancer of the upper end of the humerus).
Breast cancer, Bursitis these may cause inflammation of the shoulder joint.

The shoulder pain may be an indication that some body organs are infected like the chest or stomach may cause pain under the left shoulder. Pain under the right shoulder blade can be a sign that the gall-bladder has inflammation or gallstones. Or it can be related to liver disease, or the duodenum.

Symptoms of Shoulder Pain Pinched Nerve

Symptoms of shoulder pain pinched nerve include muscle weakness, pain, numbness and a tingling feeling that spread out along the shoulders and into the spine or neck. It may also lead to hand dysfunction or impair reflex and swelling might occur in some cases.

shoulder pain pinched nerve

Shoulder Pain Pinched Nerve

Treatment of Shoulder Pain Pinched Nerve

The Physicians can diagnose pinched shoulder nerves in one meeting. The doctors will perform an analysis of your medical history and latest physical activity. The pinched nerve will be treated depending on the cause, it may recover after a short duration if:

The patient rest and refrain from exercise.
Use pain reliever medication which might reduce the pain.

The doctor can recommend for special exercise or physical therapy. The doctor can also prescribe anti inflammatory for the inflammation or some injections to lessen the effects of the pinched nerve.

In severe cases of pinched shoulder nerves, the pain can be unbearable. The pain symptoms may continue for a few days, patients should visit a physician. The physician may prescribe stronger pain medications or recommend physical therapy or massage to lengthen and strengthen the shoulder muscles.

The doctor may recommend surgery as the last option, the purpose of the surgery will be to remove debris in the spinal column that is affecting the nerves. The surgery result should give permanent relief from the pain.

Shoulder Pain Pinched Nerve Summary

Pinched nerve prevention can be achieved, but it can be tricky. The neck and shoulder pains are always very irritating. The best way to prevent shoulder pain pinched nerve is to live a healthy lifestyle.

Having strong and flexible neck and shoulder muscles reduces the possibility of injury. It is important to have good posture to avoid neck or shoulder pain.


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