Hip pain while running | Here are Proven Ways for finding Relief

Hip Pain after Running

Most runners have experienced hip pain while running from time immemorial, which brings forth the importance of understanding the way these injuries come about and the measures that can be put in place to avert them. Characteristically, there exists two key types of flexor injuries of the hip for runners, the overuse injury such as hip flexor tendonitis that is chronic or strain resulting from awkward movements.

For one to determine the exact cause of hip pain, he should first diagnose the injury next to dissimilar anatomical causes and symptoms following these injuries. Once an individual knows what he is concerned about, he can move to the next section that will provide insights about preventing these injuries. Continue Reading

Pelvic pain | How to handle it effectively

How to handle chronic pelvic pain

Are you experiencing chronic pelvic pain? Here are tips to help you understand its causes, symptoms and mode of treatment.

Did you know that the pelvic bone is the strongest in the body? Well now you do.it is a bone made up of six bones in total three on either side of the body. Each side is a fusion of the ischium, ilium and the pubis that are joined to their pair at the front to form the symphisis pubis (which is a cartilaginous bone).the entire bone is commonly called the os/coxae.Being a very dynamic bone, dysfunction and pain can be caused by several factors Continue Reading


Hip Pain during Pregnancy Effective Relief Techniques

hip pain during pregnancy

Hip pain during pregnancy is a normal symptom which plagues women in trimester three. However, some may experience this pain in trimester two, but it is typically a problem that occurs in final pregnancy weeks. Hip discomfort or hip pain can be mild or agonizing. Several women typically find this pain extremely unbearable because it keeps them awake a better part of the night and others experience tough times walking during the morning hours.

There are several causes of hip pain during early pregnancy. During pregnancy, a woman’s body releases the hormone relaxing, which serves the purpose of relaxing and softening all muscles and joints. This hormone comes in immense amounts for preparing the body for labor. Additionally, this hormone takes the responsibility of softening the pelvis and the joints, for it to become easy for the body of the baby to move past the birth canal during delivery. Unluckily, hormone relaxing increases someone’s injury susceptibility, and thus results in the pain of the hip to several women. Continue Reading


How to Deal With Pinched Nerve in Hip

pinched nerve in hip

Are you experiencing a pinched nerve in hip and need solutions to the pain. This article covers the causes and treatment of pinched nerve in hips.

Pain affects all people during their lifetime; Pinched Nerve in Hip is not an exceptional. The pinched nerve in the hip causes a lot of discomfort and intense pain. The bones, muscles, cartilage, tendons and tissues near the nerve exact pressure causing the “pinched” feeling.

Pinched nerves might occur in anyplace in the body, but they normally affect the shoulder, hip, neck and lower back. A painful hip can be caused by many factors and it is recommended that you seek medical attention. Continue Reading


Pain in Dimples of Venus | Sacroiliac Syndrome | Pain in Dimples on Lower Back

Pain in Dimples of Venus Sacroiliac Syndrome Pain

Many people have reported feeling pain at the dimples of venus or butt dimples that stretch down to the hips and straight through to the thighs. Could this pain in the dimples of Venus be related to Sacroiliac Syndrome? If so how then can we treat it.

Lower back pain is one of the most disabling conditions of the nerves and muscles affecting both the young adults and old among the populations. it can have an acute onset lasting a few days or prolong for a long period of time(chronic).sacroiliac syndrome is a lower back condition that affects the dimples that are found in the butt.

Sacroiliac joint which is formed by bones of the lower back that is felt when one puts their hand on the lower back just above the buttocks (sacrum) and the two bones that u feel when u place your arms on your hips just below the waist (ileum). Continue Reading

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