Hip Pain during Pregnancy Effective Relief Techniques

Hip pain during pregnancy is a normal symptom which plagues women in trimester three. However, some may experience this pain in trimester two, but it is typically a problem that occurs in final pregnancy weeks. Hip discomfort or hip pain can be mild or agonizing. Several women typically find this pain extremely unbearable because it keeps them awake a better part of the night and others experience tough times walking during the morning hours.

There are several causes of hip pain during early pregnancy. During pregnancy, a woman’s body releases the hormone relaxing, which serves the purpose of relaxing and softening all muscles and joints. This hormone comes in immense amounts for preparing the body for labor. Additionally, this hormone takes the responsibility of softening the pelvis and the joints, for it to become easy for the body of the baby to move past the birth canal during delivery. Unluckily, hormone relaxing increases someone’s injury susceptibility, and thus results in the pain of the hip to several women.

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Causes of Hip Pain During Pregnancy

The physical changes in the body as well contribute to hip pain during pregnancy. The shifting and softening of the pelvic bones, alongside the pressure of moving about with an immense uterus, can pilot hip discomfort and pain in your third trimester.

As a result of hip pain during pregnancy being caused by the ordinary hormonal and physical pregnancy changes, one can prevent this scratchy sensation. There is no call for getting bothered.

There are several things one can do to minimize hip discomfort and pain. They are:

The use of a full body pillow during pregnancy when asleep will be helpful. A good number of pregnant women experience hip pain during pregnancy when trying to sleep. This happens due to a poor posture or the absence of a superb support in joints in the pelvic area when sleeping. This has an easy remedy of utilizing the full body pillow for pregnancy.  This pillow conforms to the distinctive shape of one’s body and offers support to the back, legs and belly.

  • Making sure that the legs are not crossed when sleeping reduces this problem. Several women with hip pain during pregnancy realize that the hip pain becomes immense in the morning; most likely if they had to sleep with crossed ankles. This posture, in most cases, increases pressure to one’s hips.
  • Resting when an opportunity avails itself is also imperative. Standing on feet for a good part of the day can cause hip pain during pregnancy. Always make sure that sitting down and resting is what a woman does during the day.
  • Swimming is also a remedy. When in water, one becomes weightless and this assists in taking joint pressure away. This is so far a preeminent exercise for any pregnant woman.
  • Arranging a prenatal massage. This massage targets at easing the pains and aches of pregnant women. This massage not only relaxes the muscles and releases stress, but makes one to feel relief and better from hip pain during pregnancy. A prenatal massage from a professional therapist will aim at spots that are sore on an expectant mother, and adjusts these techniques according to the trimester of the pregnancy.
  • Making trials with Pilates. A good number of women realize that Pilates and Yoga helps in relieving back and hip pain during pregnancy. One can probably locate a professional prenatal Yoga class in their vicinity. These instructors that teach exercises to pregnant women have the knowledge of the positions that stretches and aligns the pelvis and the hips to provide relief.

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Dealing With Hip Pain During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, one can benefit by visiting a chiropractor. Finding a chiropractor with special training in the treatment of pregnant women will help in relieving hip pain during pregnancy. Getting the required adjustments will definitely make one to feel enhanced, since this professional has the experience of knowing the techniques of relieving pains and aches. Doctors and health practitioners are the best for providing referrals to the best chiropractors.

As identified earlier, hip pain during pregnancy is common as a side effect, especially when the baby is growing during the final trimester. For other women, this is an inconsequential infuriation, but for others, this leads to sleep disruptions and thus interfering with daily activities.

There are also other causes of hip pain during pregnancy. They include weight gain, stretching of muscles amid week 18 and 24 as the baby and the belly grow, the growth of the uterus that in turn presses the nerves, thus resulting in pain that affects the thighs. Sleeping exclusively on the side in the place of on the stomach or back is also a cause.

For several women, hip pain during pregnancy is usually severe and hinders them from sleeping. This brings stress and discomfort. Even with the modifications of body pillows for elevating this pain, pregnant women have to wake up in the night to switch sides. Sometimes, women will sleep in their husband’s recliners for gaining control over the positioning of their bodies.

hip pain during pregnancy

hip and pelvic pain during pregnancy

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Relieving Hip Pain During Pregnancy

Softening a firm mattress is an immense idea. One can use a cheap egg crate to do this. It acts as rubber foam. Investing in a novel mattress is imperative only if it is affordable. There are other additional remedies for hip pain during pregnancy. They are:

  • Exercises for the aim of strengthening. Any exercise for strengthening is superior. It strengthens the trunk and thigh muscles that help in spreading the work load for standing and moving. Physical therapists can help one to learn the skills of reducing hip pain during pregnancy.
  • Working out in the water towards pregnancy ending will help in keeping the feet to keep off the ground. Since appropriate exercise is imperative for any pregnant woman, this can be the best opportunity for trying to swim, which will eliminate hip pain during pregnancy.
  • Using an iliac brace. When a woman is up and about, considering wearing this brace, or rather, a pregnancy belt will support the mid section and the back. The brace with an extra band underneath the belly will assist in relieving the stress of hip pain during pregnancy. Doctors are the best for providing advice on recommended braces for pregnant women.

Home remedies are usually the foremost measures individuals need to take when suffering hip pain during pregnancy. Bathing with warm water is useful. However, the temperature of this water needs to be below 100 degrees. This is because high temperatures can harm the baby. Doing safe exercises at home will help in eliminating hip pain during pregnancy. Consulting the doctor is useful in the event of the hip pain being extremely severe.

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