How to Treat Bowel cancer, Learn the Causes, Symptoms and Treatment Options

Cancer being a condition where there is abnormal multiplication of cells due to activation of cancer related gene that is genetically linked and be expressed phenotypically(physically) down the family tree.

Once the gene has been activated it codes for excessive replication of cells along the large intestine wall causing formation of a huge mass of cells along the wall of the colon.

Initially the cells mound up to form an adenoma (benign that is non cancerous in nature) with time the cells continue to multiply and form a huge mass that sometimes blocks the lumen of the colon leading to bowel obstruction.

Bowel cancer can also result from spread from other body organs invaded with cancer what is commonly called malignant cancer which spreads and invades other body parts the colon being one of them.

Bowel Cancer

Bowel Cancer

Since upper part of the bowel has cancer free cells the only part of the colon that is prone to cancer is the lower part that is the large intestines.

Causes of bowel cancer

As noted earlier colon cancer can be as a result of genes that are known to cause cancer become stimulated and express themselves physically the genes run along the family tree this accounts for about 15% of the causes the major cause being dietary reasons.

Research indicates that intake of high amounts of fibres help to prevent development of cancer especially vegetable fibre that comes from the brassicas family (cabbages, broccoli, cauliflower and lettuce).high intake of red meat especially pork has been associated with increased risk of colon cancer

Symptoms of Bowel Cancer

Colon cancer has been associated with major colicky pain that is associated with the mass of cancerous cells obstructing the lumen of the colon leading to bowel obstruction that leads development of major pain and inability to pass stool and this requires immediate treatment which includes surgery

Constipation is another symptom related to bowel cancer due to obstruction of the lumen leading to inability to pass stool

Rectal bleeding is another symptom that occurs below the obstruction the obstruction which can slowly cause anemia due to continuous loss of small amounts of blood which manifests as pallor, body fatigue and blueness of the extremities

How to Treat Bowel Cancer

Colon cancer unlike other cancers has 50% chance of complete remission with early treatment of removal of the mass accompanied by combined course of radiotherapy and chemotherapy can help treat the cancer with no chances of remission

How to Prevent Bowel Cancer

As stated the major cause of cancer is associated with dietary causes and individuals are advised to take large amounts of vegetables and avoid high intake of red meat


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