How to Get Relief from Low Back Pain in Early Pregnancy fast

Are you expecting a child for the first time and in tight spot of experiencing low back pain in early pregnancy? Though many people think of it as normal, any kind of pain experienced in early pregnancy can be risky and distressing to both the mother and the child.

What are the causes of low back pain in early pregnancy?

Many women having low back pain put the blame on the hormonal changes and the enlarging uterus. There is absolute truth in that, hormonal changes contract and relax the muscles which are attached to the spine hence causing low back pain in early pregnancy to arise. This pain causes discomfort because it denies you the freedom to stand, walk, bend, sit for many hours or lift up things.

On the other hand, the expanding uterus changes the center of gravity by stretching out and weakening the abdominal muscles. For this case, some extra strain is put to your back hence causing the low back pain due to nerves being pressed.
Besides, the extra weight the mother- to- be is carrying increases strain on her joints therefore, causing low back pain because the muscles in charge are over burdened. In addition, urinary track infections can also cause low back pain in early pregnancy.

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lower back pain early pregnancy

Relief or solutions to low back pain in early pregnancy

Generally the best solution to low back pain in early pregnancy is exercises. As a pregnant woman, heavy exercise is not recommended. You only need light exercises such as walking, pelvic rocking and mini-crunches. These exercises can be achieved through;

In the first trimester the positions in which you sit or stand matter a lot. Sitting and standing upright is highly recommended in early and late pregnancy as it will assist in easing the pain. This is attributed by the fact that posture is a great determinant of the center of gravity change.

Rest is a very important factor when it comes to relieving low back pain in early pregnancy. Sometimes most expecting women experience difficulty with sleeping especially those in the first trimester. The best position is lying down on your side using a pillow in between your legs. This should be done more often or at least two hours every day and you will realize that, the more often you do it, the more you relieve low back pain.

A practice of lifting up light things during pregnancy should be put into use to avoid low back pain in early pregnancy. It is advisable for an expectant mother to use her knees rather than her back while lifting and avoid heavy lifting. This will help to sooth the pain on her back.

Bending as a practice should not be done more frequently. This is because, during the early pregnancy, the growing fetus increases weight gradually hence putting more pressure on the lower back muscles will result to low back pain. For those who do laundry when bending over, adopt the culture of doing you¡¯re washing on a lifted ground or rather use a mop to wash your floors.

Summary of Relief Solutions for Lower Back Pain in Early Pregnancy

Basically, lower back pain in early pregnancy is not long lasting because the pain normally disappears after the 20th week of the pregnancy. But for those experiencing chronic low back pain, visit a pre- natal clinic so that the doctor can help in determining the exact cause of pain and prescribe a better treatment for you. Your pregnancy period does not have to be such a pain,  it is  only for 9 months take proper care of yourself, and you will be happy as the months quickly go by.


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