How to Get Rid of Pinched Sciatic Nerve Pain

Are you suffering from a pinched sciatic nerve pain? This pain can be very uncomfortable and hence the need to discover ways to do away with it. Here are the causes, symptoms and treatment of the pain and get back your normal life.

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What is a Pinched Sciatic Nerve Pain?

This is a situation whereby the sciatic nerve is compressed, inflamed or pinched as a result of an underlying condition that results in the nerve being injured.

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Pinched Sciatic Nerve

This nerve originates from the lower back specifically from the sacrum(the bone that is felt when u touch the lower back)it stretches down the buttocks and further down the thigh to go insert on the calf muscles at the back of the  upper part of the leg.

This is the longest nerve in the body and supplies the gluteus muscles (butt muscles), muscles of the thigh including the hamstring, the quadrants and finally the calf muscles. It is also the nerve that is severed in case of poor administration of injections on the buttocks

Causes of Pinched Sciatic Nerve Pain

Sciatica is in itself not a disease but a symptom of an underlying disease which is the diagnosis and the cause of the sciatica. Some of the conditions suspected in case of sciatica include:

Spinal stenosis: This is the narrowing of the canal that contains the spinal cord leading to compression of the nerve and its roots

Spinal neoplasms: This is a where there are cancers that occur within the spinal canal that exert pressure on the nerve roots of the sciatic nerve

Muscle spasms: In case of an acute onset of muscle spasms especially the piriformis muscle where the nerve is ‘housed’ can lead to the nerve being trapped in between the spasms leading to the pain

Spinal injury: Injury that impacts on the spine can lead to damage of the sciatic nerve and its roots leading to inflammation of the nerve

Disc disorders: occurs as a result of one vertebral disc overlying another leading to the nerve being injured

Arthritis: Inflammation of the joints of vertebral discs can lead to compression of the nerve causing pain

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Sciatic Nerve

Symptoms of Pinched Sciatic Nerve Pain

Pain is the major symptom elicited, sharp, burning and debilitating pain is experienced by the patient and follows the route of the nerve, i.e. it originates from the lower back, along the buttocks and down the thigh to end on the calf muscles. This pain is followed by nausea and vomiting and later fever, chills and body weakness ensue

Other symptoms felt include: Numbness where the client feels like the areas supplied by the nerve cannot be felt sensationally

Burning and tingling sensation is also felt where the patient complains of ‘pins and needles’ sensation

In a worst case scenario the patient might experience difficulties in controlling bowel and bladder movements*medical emergency*

First Aid and Treatment of Pinched Sciatic Nerve Pain

Initial management at home includes use of cold compresses to the areas of the body experiencing the pain. This helps to reduce inflammation and consequently reduce the pain, the cold compresses should be applied intermittently (on and off) to avoid causing poor blood supply to those areas

A hot bath is also advised to help reduce the tension on body muscles in case of a spasm

Concern should be raised if the pain does not subside after 4 to 7 weeks and medical treatment should be sought

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Drug therapy

Analgesics (pain killers) are usually prescribed which include ibuprofen (brufen) and diclofenac (dinac). Stronger analgesics may be prescribed if the pain does not subside after a few days which include opiod analgesics like tramadol

Antidepressants commonly diazepam may also be prescribed to help reduce the patient’s anxiety

A course of corticosteroids is also prescribed to reduce inflammation

Surgery may be sought as a last option in case of a herniated (dislodged disc) to remove it

Physical therapy

With a good physiotherapists to help in alignment of the vertebral discs (back bones) the pain is in most times kept under control

Pinched Sciatic Nerve Pain Summary and Recommendation

A symptom of an underlying body disorder that causes compression of the nerve and eventually its inflammation which leads to sharp debilitating pain that is spread across the course of the nerve

What to do in case you have a pinched sciatic nerve

  • Cold compresses
  • Hot regular baths in case of muscle spasms
  • Avoid lifting heavy objects
  • Medical treatment in persistent pain

In most cases the Pinched Sciatic Nerve pain goes away without hustles but in any case the pain lasts more than 4weeks one needs to seek immediate medical attention as it could be a grave situation. Here are some Yoga stretches that could help ease pinched sciatic nerve pain.

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 How to Get Rid of Pinched Sciatic Nerve Pain


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