How to Treat Lower Abdominal Pain Left Side

Lower abdominal pain left side is often experienced in the stomach region or in the belly. Lower abdominal pain is also identified as pelvic pain. Abdominal cramps or pain are associated with various organs such as the spleen, appendix, aorta and kidneys.

There are numerous reasons why pain in your lower left abdominal side could exist, as well as numerous solutions on how to reduce and get rid of the pain.

Causes of Lower abdominal pain left side

  1. Urinary causes: Mostly the causes in this area stem from the kidney. It could be a simple bruised kidney from various types of trauma or could be something further serious like kidney cancer.
  2. Gastrointestinal causes: It is in the gastrointestinal where most abdominal pains are caused, but lower left side pain may crop up in concurrence with abdominal pain due to the following conditions; Pancreatic cancer,Flatulence, Diverticulitis, Bowel blockage, Appendicitis, Food poisoning, Crohn’s disease, Liver disorders, Pancreatitis, Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), Ruptured spleen, Habitually, abdominal pain is the actual cause for pain in your lower left side.
  3. Gynecological causes: Female reproductive organs may become infected, inflamed, or damaged causing pain in lower left side. Gynecological causes include; Pregnancy related issues, Salpingitis (inflammation of fallopian tubes), Ovarian cysts, Tubo-ovarian abscess; abscess affecting fallopian tube and an ovary
  4. Lung related causes: A lot of times lungs can create contained pain in your side because enlarge down and towards sides of your torso. Especially it can be for those with asthma after intense sporting events. Some other lung related causes are; Pleurisy, Bronchitis, Pneumonia, Pulmonary edema.
  5. Other causes of side pain: Often times, side pain is also caused by some things that we do like lifting heavy items with out appropriate technique. Here other causes you ought to know about; Exercise, Muscle spasm, Hernia, Chronic conditions that causes tenderness, pain and stiffness (fibromyalgia), Seminal vesicle inflammation (seminal vesiculitis), Inflammation of the nerve between ribs (neuritis), Herpes zoster infection (shingles), Musculoskeletal injuries such as rib fracture or strained back, muscle in the chest wall or abdomen. Exercise how to properly how to diagnose pain in the lower left side with the information availed to you.
Lower abdominal pain left side 199x300 How to Treat Lower Abdominal Pain Left Side
Lower abdominal pain left side

Symptoms of Lower Abdominal Pain Left Side

A number of common symptoms and signs of lower abdominal pain are, tenderness and severe in the lower abdomen. The pain may be steady and intermittent or acute. In the case of acute lower left side abdominal pain, there may be cramping or sharp pains.

The person may experience heaviness and pressure within the pelvis. There may perhaps be pain during intercourse or during a bowel movement.

Pain may deteriorate after standing for longer periods. Lower left abdominal pain can cause loss of weight and appetite.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Lower Abdominal Pain Left Side

Diagnosis is done on the basis of laparoscopy, pelvic examination and imaging tests such as CT scan, abdominal X-ray, ultrasonography, sensitivity and culture tests to detect infection and an MRI scan. The treatment of lower left abdominal pain is decided upon dependently on diagnosis.
If you are constipated, drink plenty of water to increase fiber intakes in foods. Do lots of Pilates and other stomach tightening exercises by joining gym sessions for certain duration of time. Avoid greasy and spicy foods, apart from sugar and fatty content foods.

Get lots of bed rest and do not sleep straight with stomach pain, bring your folded knees towards your chest; this relieves pain. Refrain from putting too much weight on digestive expanse if you have indigestion problems. Therefore, take small meals at regular intervals.

In various cases, lower abdominal pain left side are related with psychological or personality disorders, depression, troubled relationships, family crisis or sexual abuse. In such circumstances, you can obtain the help of counseling to cope with these problems and relieve pain.


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