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Abdominal Pain in Left Side | Learn How to Get Rid of It

Are you experiencing abdominal pain in left side? Abdominal pain can be very discomforting and lead to experiencing a lot of pain in left side. The pain could even become extensive and lead to much worse medical complications. Here are ways you can relieve it and find natural relief from your abdominal pain.

First and Foremost we need to examine what causes this pains

What is Abdominal Pain in Left Side?

Abdominal pain in left side is a result of pain from the organs on the left side of your abdomen. When we draw an imaginary line cutting straight from your head through your belly button to the pelvic area but focus our attention on organs under your diaphragm. We then draw a line cutting horizontally from right to left thereby dividing the abdominal area into four main quadrants.

The quadrants will be as follows;

Upper Right Quadrant
Lower Right Quadrant
Upper Left Quadrant
Lower Left Quadrant
In this article we will focus on the last two quadrants as they have the affected organs when talking of abdominal pains in left side. Left side abdominal pain affects the following organs which are located in the upper and lower left quadrants;

Left part of the Liver, Your Spleen, Pancreas, Stomach, Colon or large and small intestines, Left Adrenal gland, Left Side Kidney, Left Side Ureter, Left Side Ovary and Left Side Fallopian tube found only in women, left side abdominal Blood vessels such as the aorta, Muscles of your left side abdomen, Nerves found in the abdominal left side, Skin covering your left side of abdomen.

Other organs that could still causes abdominal pain in left side but not in the abdomen include the heart, left lung, lower left rib cage and the left half of your diaphragm.

Causes of Abdominal Pain in Left Side

Abdominal pain in left side is as a result of pain arising from one or more of the above mentioned organs and therefore relates to these conditions;

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