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A lot of people who eat foods that are improperly digested or that reacts with bodily substances experience abdominal pains after eating. This is characterized by severe pains in the left or/and right sides of the person’s abdomen. It occurs mainly because of taking foodstuffs that your body is not accustomed to, overeating and foods you are allergic to. However, this abdominal pains after eating mostly are not serious and can be readily diagnosed and treated.

4 Causes of abdominal pains after eating

Abdominal pains after eating are not felt immediately after a meal, mostly time taken to start feeling the pains depends on the type of food you take and how your body reacts  to it. Food is not the only cause of abdominal pains after eating, there are several health conditions and diseases that causes it. These are;

Intestinal obstruction

This is a cause of abdominal cramps after eating in many people, that is  followed by vomiting and watery stool.


Pain that is felt in the entire or upper abdomen after 7-12 hours intake of  food  is due to pancreatitis. When the pain is chronic it is as a result of pierced stomach ulcers or pelvic inflammatory diseases.


This is the most common cause of abdominal pains after eating, it is the chemical reactions between body fluids and microorganisms existing inside the food. When you overeat your body tends to throw outside harmful bacteria to avoid infections, this leads to vomiting after eating that is accompanied by nausea causing abdominal pains.

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Liquid substances

Liquids such as water, soft drinks and fruit juices are crucial to our digestive systems. However if taken in large quantities it causes abdominal pains after eating, this is because they dilute stomach acids and survival of the noxious fungi and bacteria in the food. As a result indigestion occurs due to improper breaking down of food. Our body doesn’t accept undigested food substance thus resulting to abdominal pains.

Abdominal pain after eating

Abdominal pain after eating

Possible Solutions To Abdominal Pains After Eating

Antibiotics medicines are usually used to treat normal abdominal pains after eating. However in case of a severe abdominal pains that may be accompanied by fever, inability to keep food down for some days  or difficulty in breathing, it is advisable to consult your doctor for advanced treatments. The main solutions and preventative measures for abdominal pains after eating are;

Consume liquid substances in small quantities after taking each meal in order to enhance proper breaking down of food

Avoid unhealthy and uncertain foodstuffs such as taking of too much snacks

Take three proper meals on time that is breakfast, lunch and supper, eat a fruit after each meal, this helps in digesting food and avoiding that harmful fungi and bacteria affecting your abdomen

Do not sleep immediately after eating instead engage yourselves in an active activity. This is because metabolism tends to be slow when you sleep and food taken may be improperly broken down thus causing abdominal pains after eating

Avoid overeating and extravagant intake of fast foods. Fast foods contains lots of chemicals which causes abdominal pains due to reaction of such chemicals with body fluids. Our body will only digest the amount of food that it requires, that extra undigested food may cause abdominal pains after eating.

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Abdominal Pains after Eating Summary

At some point in everyone’s life one will experience abdominal pains after eating. The fundamental solution to this is planning our diet correctly by consulting a dietitian and taking appropriate medications. This pains can do more than diminish the enjoyment of good meals, many people will do more to avoid abdominal pains after eating than they will do to seek pleasure.


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