Pain in Dimples of Venus | Sacroiliac Syndrome | Pain in Dimples on Lower Back

Many people have reported feeling pain at the dimples of venus or butt dimples that stretch down to the hips and straight through to the thighs. Could this pain in dimples of Venus be related to Sacroiliac Syndrome? If so how then can we treat it.

Lower back pain is one of the most disabling conditions of the nerves and muscles affecting both the young adults and old among the populations. it can have an acute onset lasting a few days or prolong for a long period of time(chronic).sacroiliac syndrome is a lower back condition that affects the dimples that are found in the butt.

Sacroiliac joint which is formed by bones of the lower back that is felt when one puts their hand on the lower back just above the buttocks (sacrum) and the two bones that u feel when u place your arms on your hips just below the waist (ileum).

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Factors Causing Pain in the Dimples of Venus related to Sacroiliac Syndrome

Pain in Dimples of Venus Sacroiliac Syndrome Pain

Sacroiliac Joint Explained

The ligaments that join these two joints are over time irritated by certain factors including:

1. Hormones:these are chemicals that are released by the body that regulate body’s functioning.

2. prolonged straining of the lower back causing accumulation of weight  on the back e.g. prolonged bending

3. arthritis which is inflammation(swelling) of joints and the sacroiliac is not an exception which can be genetic in most instances

4.prolonged lifting of heavy objects increases strain on the back which eventually produces pain this in particular include children, pregnant women and the very old because of their bone calcium levels are lower than normal.

5. abnormal movement of the joint also causes the ligaments to stretch beyond their ability leading to swelling.

The irritation of the sacroiliac joint if not detected and treated early can lead to sacroiliac syndrome and patients are adviced to seek medical help when they experience such problems to avoid development of long term complications.

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Pain in the Dimples of Venus Related to Sacroiliac syndrome: Signs and symptoms

The Initial complain that most people present with is pain which is as a result of the swelling associated with the ligaments that form the butt dimples. This pain can be felt elsewhere in the body as a result of pain being referred to this  areas because the nerve supplying these regions is the same as the one supplying the area around the sacroiliac joint. areas where this pain is referred include the genital/groin area,the thighs and testicles in men.

It may also be felt in the knees but on rare occasions unless the pain is to severe. People experiencing this pain can also nave the pain sensations after lifting heavy objects and when they stand up from having sat in one position for a long period of time. Any movements of the sacroiliac joint e.g twisting, bending forwards or backwards usually aggravate or make the pain worse because it forces the already inflamed area to make movements which produces pain.

How to Prevent the Pain in the Dimples of Venus or Sacroiliac Syndrome Pains

All the factors that cause sacroiliac pain should be avoided and activities that strain the back should be done in moderation to avoid straining the back. Poor position should be avoided e.g. sit upright with the entire back is fully straightened to avoid unnecessary strain on the lower portion.

People who carry heavy objects over long distances should avoid such habits and employ machinery that can perform a similar task

Avoid putting the joint in abnormal body positions that can cause the ligaments to swell e.g remaining in a twisted position for long.

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