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Relationship between Pain in the Left Side Stomach and Colon Cancer?

Could that pain in the left side stomach be linked to colon cancer? When one experiences pain in the left side stomach it may be a symptom of a certain disease. This discomfort may be associated with descending of the colon. As a result, the abdomen wall may have some inflammation or in some cases cancer might crop in.

Pain is detected by the nervous system; the nervous system is divided into two parts. The central nervous system is composed of the brain and spinal cord, while the peripheral nervous system has nerves outside the brain and the spinal cord.

How Pain in the Left Side Stomach related to Colon Cancer Affects You as a Victim

A bloody stool which is a sign of blood loss. Severe pain in the left side stomach can cause discomfort and develop unwanted stress. There is a tendency to experience fatigue frequently and a feeling of nausea or vomiting.

colon cancer12 300x281 Relationship between Pain in the Left Side Stomach and Colon Cancer?

pain in left side stomach

Appetite loss can make one’s body weak, inviting other nutritional related diseases due to insufficient nutrients. The pain caused by Colon cancer is unbearable and can lead into sleepless nights, distress and headaches.

When diagnosed with colon cancer, it would be natural to feel stressed as there is no clue what the future might have in store.Eating a well balanced diet would be highly recommended for the body to get sufficient energy. It would be wise to avoid contamination from germs by using germ killing soaps while washing or bathing. If one has any doubts there is no harm in seeking professional help.

Colon cancer is among the dreaded killer diseases; therefore it is wise to get the proper medical care. There are many treatments for colon cancer which are available worldwide. New and improve drugs are invented frequently.If the disease is discovered on time and one starts the treatment immediately, the chances of getting cured are high.

The 3 different methods of treating pain in the left side stomach related to colon cancer

Treatment through drugs

Treating colon cancer with drugs is fine when the infection has spread beyond the colon. There are many drugs for treating cancer and doctors will recommend you to the most effective ones. The cancer drugs are injected into the body and then passed to the blood so that it reaches every cell and destroys the cancer cells.

Radiation Treatment

In this method a machine is used, it normally specializes on the affected areas. The process is well suited for cancer that has not pass beyond the colon. Radiation treatment can be done to a patient who is dealing with both drug and surgery treatment

Surgery treatment

A complete surgery is done by the doctor if the polyps is inside your colon. If the cancer has spread to the lining of the colon a resection surgery is done.
Nowadays a simpler method called laparoscopy is used by the doctors. The method is much faster and more efficient.

Sometimes these method have some side effect, it is good if one knows how to manage it. One may also seek medical help from a doctor.

Summary of Pain in the Left Side Stomach Related to Colon Cancer

Most of the time many people have pain in their left side stomach, but they simply ignore and take painkillers that would ease the pain. However, it is advisable to see a doctor so that early treatment may start before the disease gets complicated .

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