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Pain in Left Lower Back | Causes and Treatment

Any time you experience back pain, particularly pain on your left lower back, ensure you visit a physician for medical check up. Never ignore pain as it may be a symptom of more internal body problems.However, it may be just a minor ache that can be solved by taking an antibiotic.
It is important to understand the nature of your lower back pain and the extent of harm it brings to your body. Knowing how you feel is helpful to the doctors as it provides a basis for their diagnosis.

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Side Pains Right Side | Here is How to Deal With Them

Dealing with side pains right side can be one tormenting thing if you don’t know what pain it is. The abdominal cavity holds various body organs that could be easily hurt thereby causing you pain. This article will try and analyze the various types of pain you need to be aware of.

It is hoped that with the information you will receive here, you will be in a better place to act wisely. Some pains may be mild while others intense. It is good to notice the exact location of the pain. Through identifying the position of the pain and reading this article you will be in a better place to make a decision.

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How to Choose The Best Mattress for Back Pain Relief

Sleeping on the best mattresses for back pain relief is recommended. This is due to the fact that it can aid in reducing or totally eliminating back pain. Lack of proper back support when sleeping can lead to a poor sleeping posture. This causes straining of back muscles affecting the spine alignment which leads to sever lower back pain.

Why You Need The Best Mattress for Back Pain Relief?

Apparently, if your mattress does not meet your preferences, your comfort while sleeping can be compromised. The Best Mattresses For Back Pain relief is one that can provide a good backbone support and comfort. This helps reduce back pain since the spine is able to rejuvenate during the night, allowing its structures to comfortably rest.

With a wide variety of sleeping mattresses on sale today, choosing the one that will suit your needs can be challenging. Below are practical tips aimed at aiding any patient to make a well informed decision while selecting the best mattress for pain relief on the back.

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Belly Button Pain | Great and Effective Solutions

Belly button pain can be one unique but irritating pain. First it occurs in a place you rarely expect pain and second, it hurts.

Due to the uniqueness someone might as well ignore it and hope it will go away. Should we ignore this pain or do something about it? How do you deal with belly button pain?

This article will describe what belly button pain is, its causes and modes of treatments. You will understand more about it and find a reliable solution.

What do we Mean by Belly Button Pain?

This is a painful sensation felt in the abdomen around the navel area. The Navel or what is colloquially known as the belly button is such a sensitive area both normally and in times of pain.

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Side Pains Left Side | Great Tips to Get Rid of Them Fast

Are you experiencing body pains especially side pains left side or side pains on your left side? Here are real solutions you need to cure it. Look no further as you have found an article that discusses it at length.

The left side of a human body is comprised of half thoracic vertebrae and half ribs that are supported by sternum bone and costal cartilage which connects the ribs to the sternum.

The ribs are compressed bones that are curled and they help in expansion, motion and contraction of the abdominal zone.
Left side pains can make you very uncomfortable and could even become severe. since most people do not know the particular causes of these types of pain, they move from one health facility to the other looking for an effective cure.

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Stomach Pains in Children | Tips to Deal with Abdominal Pains in Children

Dealing with stomach pains in children can be one tough thing as children are not able to clearly explain the pain. Most kids will cry when they have a minor abdominal pain and some will even cry when they are simply full.

At other times the pains could be signs of greater things that are hidden and could bring harm to your child. With these types of challenges parents or guardians find it difficult to distinguish the pains felt by the child.

These tips will help you get to identify the pains that require your urgent attention or get to know when you should just relax and let it heal.

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Secrets of Dealing with Upper Left Side Abdominal Pain Quickly and Easily

Want to learn how to deal with upper left side abdominal pain quickly and easily then you have arrived. This is a relentless life threatening pain that no one can afford to ignore. It causes a stomach ache which is one of the most annoying and frustrating things in life, mostly when you have other things to do. You would rather not ignore the status of your health when the abdominal pain hits.

Despite the fact that most causes of left side abdominal pain are minor matters that can be easily diagnosed and taken care of; it can be a symptom of a very delicate and serious sickness.

We tend to think that upper left side abdominal pain is a clear cut experience where pain emits directly from part of the body that is wounded. Nevertheless, there is vast evidence that the experience of this pain is not that simple. Abdominal pain is pain that occurs in the abdomen and it arises from the abdomen wall tissues which encloses the abdominal cavity (skin and muscles).

man with abdominal pain 200x300 Secrets of Dealing with Upper Left Side Abdominal Pain Quickly and Easily

Man with an Upper Left Side Abdominal Pain

Sharp abdominal pain accompanied by symptoms like high fever and breathing difficulties may be cause for alarm. If you can pay attention to your symptoms early,   it is easy to distinguish between minor conditions and an emergency.

Causes of upper left side abdominal pain

Approximately each and everyone experiences abdominal pain from time to time. More often than not, abdominal pain does not specify a serious medical situation and typically subsides in a short period of time. Though, if pain is unrelenting or harsh, upper abdominal pain might indicate serious condition.

Potential causes of pain in on the left side of the abdomen consist of; aortic aneurysm, diverticulitis, angina, heart attack, spleen infection, enlarged spleen, pneumonia, torn colon and ruptured spleen.

If you are in pain, it is comprehensible that you will be more anxious and paying attention on your body. This condition of physiological awakening thus augments the pain that serves to make you more nervous and the sequence persists.

How to Quickly Ease Upper Left Side Abdominal Pain

Anti- inflammatory medications (such as Aleve and Advil), antibiotics, vitamins, and birth planning pills can result to stomach upset, nausea and pains. Always take these medicines under the doctor’s supervision and after eating unless authorized otherwise.

Note any meal that disfigures your digestion routine. Some stomachs do not tolerate some food stuffs so, if you normally have discomfort after eating a certain kind of food, do away with it to avoid the cramps. For lactose problems, Malunggay extracts works well in preventing abdominal pain. Squeeze the fluids from the malunggay into little water and drink.

Constipation cramps is always caused by non soluble fiber. So, avoid eating it in excess. Do not eat stuff you are sensitive to. For example, some people are so sensitive to unpeeled fruits and raw vegetables as it might have bad reaction on your stomach hence affecting the abdomen.

Considerations for Upper Left Side Abdominal Pain

Upper left side pain may call for medical emergency treatment. If you can not sit or feel obliged to coil up into a ball to lessen the pain, ask for immediate medical attention because this is a sign of a very serious condition. Also, if there is occurrence of nausea, vomiting, and yellow skin, swelling of the abdomen or bloody stools seek treatment immediately.

Prevention of Upper Left Side Abdominal Pain

Do not attempt to take over the counter pain killers if not advised by the doctor as they might cause you mare problems and worsen the pain. In case the sharp pain persists for numerous days, make an appointment with a doctor with immediate effect. Try eating smaller amount of foods until when the pain falls down. This will smooth the progress of digestion.

Upper left side abdominal pain may be a life threatening disease and it therefore need maximum attention from the experts otherwise you could be putting your life at a great risk if ignored.

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Causes and Treatment of Hip pain after sitting

Many of us have a job that requires us to be seated down for along time, either in front of a laptop or a phone. The effects of this extended sitting are that we start experiencing hip pain after sitting for extended periods. The hip joint carries a lot of weight.

A human being hip perform a great range of activities like flexing and expansion. All of these enable us to move backward, forward or sideways. A joint that has such a lot of movement has a higher chance of increasing pain situation, such as extended sitting can cause hip pain.

Causes of Hip Pain After Sitting

When experiencing a hurting hip, the hurt does not necessarily originate from the hip but elsewhere, and manifests itself in the hip.

hip pain 300x300 Causes and Treatment of Hip pain after sitting

hip pain after sitting

This can be caused by the following.

  1. Weak foot posture
  2. Wrong sitting posture
  3. Wrong standing poise
  4. Painful knee
  5. Stressed muscles
  6. Spinal hurting
  7. Hip cracking

How to Prevent Hip Pain after Sitting?

You should put much consideration and avoid bending while favoring one side.

Check on your weight because when you add extra weight on your body it will put extra stress on your joint. Sustaining sensible weight is very essential.

Do stretch exercises before any physical doings. Muscles will become proper when they have been stretched. Be cautious to  prevent the danger of injuring the hip joints. Activities that stretch it, are often recommendable.

If you are experiencing foot problems: Keep away from activities that can hurt them. They will cause you to  walk in an abnormal way. Therefore it generate imbalance in the hip joint and this will cause hip pain . You can prevent this by having the right footwear and consulting with your doctor for medication on correction of the problem.

Sit down appropriately: This is by keeping your hip positioned correctly by sitting straight and not bending from that position to another. Do not keep your legs crossed. Sitting position helps in preventing hip pain.

Treatment for Hip Pain after Sitting

Relaxing -when in distress, beginning to rest is one of the best prescription that a doctor can recommend. If you lay on a flat surface it will help to relieve and reduce heaviness from the hip joint and help minimize hip pain.

Use walking canes or clutches -If you know you will put pressure on the hip joint by not using clutches or a cane then it is important to use them so as not to cause any distress to the hip joint to avoid any hip pains.
Use ice -normally ice is useful and is used straight away after the beginning of pain to ease swelling and is useful for a few days. After this time it will help relax the muscles of the injured area.

Hip Pain after Sitting Summary

Hip pain can be treated and also prevented; this is by avoiding any activities that could cause any stress to the hip joint. You should also sit and stand in the right posture to avoid any injuries to the spinal cord.

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Treatments for Pulled Muscle Lower Back

A pulled muscle lower back occurs when the lower back is stretched mostly due to a sport related injury. The strains are common and they can be treated at home except for serious damages that might require surgery to repair.

Fast Solutions To Treat Pulled Muscle Lower Back

There are many ways to treat a pulled muscle lower back some that you can do on your own.

Ice Packs

Immediately the injury occurs, apply ice to the area. This helps to ease the pain and avoid swelling. This method not only works to heal a swelling, it also reduces the possibility of acquiring an inflammation of the affected area.
Avoid placing the ice directly onto the skin by wrapping it in a cloth and gently placing it on the area around the pulled muscle.

Heat Packs

Following the application of ice, heating pads can also be used to ease pain and fast track healing. You might even find that switching between cold and hot therapy helps the healing process substantially. Applying heat by means of a customary heating pad or a bathed towel soaked in warm water allows the strained muscle to relax and heal.

Rest heals a pulled muscle lower back area

pulled muscle lower back Treatments for Pulled Muscle Lower Back

pulled muscle lower back

When you have lower back pain due to a pulled muscle the best thing to do is to rest. Resting the pulled muscle allows it to heal and reduces the risk of further damage. Taking a day or two off work and just lying in bed or on the couch can be the best thing to ease such pain.

Avoid Exercise

Exercise is an important part of healing. In fact, it is the movement of muscles that helps reduce scar tissues and encourages the back to return to its usual strength. However, too much exercise too soon can lengthen your injury period by escalating inflammation. During the first few days following your pulled muscle, keep it low key and avoid anything exhausting.

Medication Treatment

One of the first measures any doctor will take for a pulled back muscle will be medications. The doctor will want to get the inflammation or swelling, as well as the pain, under control. You will most likely be prescribed some sort of anti-inflammatory drug that will help get rid of the inflammation in the back.

Physical Therapy for a pulled muscle lower back

A physical therapist uses a range of treatment protocols to manage a strained lower back muscle. In the early stages, a therapist may use electrical muscle stimulation to help reduce the current inflammation and break muscle spasms. This is accomplished by placing electrodes on the muscles of the low back and using a machine that passes small amounts of electrical current into the muscle.

This makes the muscle expand and contract which eventually leads it to break the spasm. This process is painless and most patients find it comfortable and very helpful. Physical therapists also treat muscle imbalance and weakness through stretching and exercises.

Any of the above methods will guarantee you a less strained back and some even allow you to treat your pulled muscle lower back on your own.

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Pain in Lower Abdomen Female System

Any Pain in lower abdomen female reproductive system can be distressing especially when the reasons behind it are unknown. Women are made unique in many ways more so their reproductive system.

The female reproductive system comprises of many tissues which cause tremendous pain when infected or affected in any way.
For many women, the cause of such pain is not easily detectable even after several visits to the doctor. This is attributed to the many tissues in that area that make it very difficult to locate the infected area.

The major organs that could cause pain in lower abdomen female reproductive system include the ovary, the uterus, and the fallopian tubes. These are the most sensitive organs and the most important for child birth.

Causes of Pain in Lower Abdomen Female Reproductive System

lower abdominal pain female 150x150 Pain in Lower Abdomen Female System

pain in lower abdomen female

In most cases, causes of pain in the lower abdomen in female can easily be identified especially when related to biological changes in women such as menstrual and labor pains.

Urinary track infections, miscarriages and appendicitis are also major causes of pain disorders in lower abdomen for women.  Investigations show that, any prolonged pain in the lower abdomen should be checked thoroughly by a qualified doctor.

Menstrual pain

Towards the end of the menstrual cycle, most women experience cramps. These cramps can either be mild or very painful in some women. These pains are easy to identify and deal with except in instances where it is the first time. The duration of pain varies with every woman and can be contained by taking pain killers but in extreme conditions, women are advised to see a doctor. The most common remedies for extreme pain are contraceptive pills and strong doses of pain killers.

Labor pain

This is another common abdominal pain which most pregnant women experience during child birth. The pain is normally caused by abdominal tissues pressing hard on the lower abdomen. This kind of pain does not need medication, unless very severe because, it disappears immediately after giving birth. Sometimes, your doctor will prescribe a pain relief medicine to sooth the pain.

Other Causes and Treatment of Pain in Lower Abdomen Female

Urinary track infections

These infections are common especially in young women who are sexually active.
The urinary track is situated at the lower abdomen and if affected, it causes soreness on the lower abdomen female reproductive system. This problem can be a threat since the infections can lead to other major abnormalities such as cancer. It is advisable to seek medical advice before the infection spreads or becomes severe.


The signs include, spotting before the onset of pain or virginal bleeding. The pain may be on and off like cramp and it occurs mostly during the first ten weeks of pregnancy. Any unwarranted pain during pregnancy might be a looming miscarriage.
Failure to seek medical attention may result to loosing your pregnancy or even death.

Appendicitis as a Cause of Pain in Lower Abdomen Female

Appendicitis is a painful swelling of the appendix also known as inflammation of the appendix. The appendix is normally situated in the lower abdomen. It is sudden and painful unlike any other pain in the sense that, it can wake you up. This kind of pain is relieved by complete removal of the appendix.
Any kind of pain in lower abdomen female should be taken care of as fast as possible especially during pregnancy.

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