Pinched Nerve in Neck Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

A Pinched Nerve in Neck symptom is the name given to impaired function or pain of a nerve under pressure. It happens to nerves which controls muscle secretion or relay vibrations to the brain.

Nerves are just like electric cables that carry information from the brain to the entire body and vice versa. There are many symptoms of pinched nerve. Some of the symptoms are listed below.

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Pinched Nerve in Neck Symptoms

pinched nerve in neck Pinched Nerve in Neck Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

pinched nerve in neck


Pinched nerve is associated with dull pain.  Sometimes movement of the neck can worsen pain in the neck. It can also be associated with facial pain, shoulder pain and arm numbness. Neck pain may come from diseases and disorders of any tissues in the neck. Pain may occur if too much pressure is used in the neck nerve roots.


Numbness in the neck can be a life threatening condition that needs immediate treatment. Temporary numbness in the neck may be caused by activities like cycling for long distances or sitting cross legged .Numbness may arise with serious circulatory or orthopedic conditions, with diseases and conditions that damage the nerve system in the neck.


Tingling is another Pinched Nerve in Neck Symptoms that can be associated with a wide range of diagnosis and conditions. Tingling indicates nerve involvement and is accompanied by weakness, pain and numbness. Tingling in the neck can be caused by Compression of a nerve that gets trapped in a cramped space due to causes like irritation or shock.

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 Causes of Pinched Nerve in the Neck Symptoms

Below is the cause of pinched nerve in the neck: Inflammation and damage due to injury, through contact sports, trauma, whiplash or infection.

If a nerve disc slips out it location in the neck then this may lead to pinched nerves in the neck, as can spinal stenosis, disc disintegration and bony growths from neck conditions like cervical arthritis.

Treatment for Pinched Nerve in Neck Symptoms

Home treatments can be used if the pain of the pinched nerve is in its early stages. However, if the pain persists it is advisable for one to consult a doctor and have a full diagnosis.


After reduction of inflammation, heat can be used to arrow good flow of blood and help the healing process. Heat can be used in different methods like; hot water bottle, heat-packs, hot shower, moist warm towel, or a heating pad. Note you should never leave heat on your skin for too long to avoid burns. A maximum of 15 minutes is recommended.


You can choose to massage yourself or let someone else massage you. Loosening the muscles this way will ease the pinched never pain in the neck. This works effectively if the pain is due to a muscle strain or spasm.

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Ice Therapy

During the early stages of an injury it is good to avoid heat in order to give the inflammation a chance to decrease; ice helps reduce inflammation and should be used in a period of the first 48-72 hour following the injury.

Always be sure that there is a sufficient barrier between the skin and ice. Use a dry towel to wrap the ice before putting on your skin. Do not to use ice for more than 20 minutes.

If the pain and inflammation does not reduce after using the self care treatment visit your doctor immediately. It is good to have an early diagnosis to avoid further complications or injury caused by pinched nerves in neck symptoms.

 Pinched Nerve in Neck Symptoms, Causes and Treatment


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