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Stretches for Lower Back Pain is a set of exercises that work effectively to prevent and treat lower back pain. Many people around the globe suffer from this pain silently with the assumption that it will disappear on its own.

This rarely happens and thus the need for a visit to a medical practitioner.  This pain has psychologically, physically, emotionally or financially effects on ones life.

Pain especially at the lower back is caused by muscle weakness, medical condition, stress or tension.  More than six hundred muscles form the lower back which makes it extremely difficult to correct the pain.

It is very important to get the root cause of the pain. This makes diagnosis and cure of the pain easier. A visit to a doctor therefore does not guarantee the use of drugs. 

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Simple and Best Stretches for Lower Back Pain

Listed below are some of the best stretching exercises that are effective in relieving back pain.

Stretches For Back pain

Back Stretches one can use to cure lower back pain and enjoy their life.

Pelvic Twist

Lie back flat with the knees bent and both feet flush on the floor.

Take a deep breath in and then breathe out slowly while compressing a small part of the back next to the floor.
Use your abs when easing the back to the ground Never use the feet to assist.

A 5 seconds hold would be enough and take a gently rest.

Perform 5-15 reps of the same.

Basic Twist

Lie on the back with arms extended to the side.

Bend both knees and carefully pull close to the chest and take a deep breathe.

Exhale gently as you lower both knees to the ground on the right.

Repeat the exercise to the left.

Do five reps and take a gentle rest.

The Cat Stretches

Begin by dropping on all fours to keep the arms immediately under the shoulders and the knees directly below the hips.

Breathe as you lower your abdomen to the ground and lean the head up.

Gently while going back to the initial position

Alternate between the two stances and hold for several seconds on each posture

Do 5 repetitions

Piriformis Stretches

This exercise requires one to sit on a chair.

Set your left ankle over the right knee, Incline it forward and hold for 30 seconds to feel the stretch of the lower left buttocks.

Switch sides and repeat the exercise.

These stretches may be performed two times a day as a regular exercise program.

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Knee to Chest Stretches for Lower Back Pain

While lying on your back with knees folded and feet flush on the ground, grip your left leg with both hands right behind the knee and pull it closer to the chest.

For easier stretching of the front right hip, the right leg could be bent with the foot flush on the ground or the leg fully stretched.

A 30 second break is essential during this workout

Slowly bring down the left leg and repeat the process on the right leg.

Perform 5 to 15 repetitions.

Advantages of Stretches for Lower Back Pain

Stretching improves the blood circulation in your body which is important because it carry toxins outside your body muscles to help them heal faster.

Stretching rejuvenates the muscles in the lower back by calming the pain and also prevents the pain from reoccurring.

However, back pain resulting from obesity, needs specific stretches for lower back pain. Portable back stretcher can be of help.

Stretching improves blood movement and other support tissues on the back.

It improves the mobility of the spinal joint.

Lactic acid and other waste products that are in the lymphatic system and muscles can be removed by Stretches for Lower Back Pain.

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