Pain in Left Arm | How You Can Stop it

Have you been experiencing pain in left arm? and what has been your greatest worry? is it Heart attack? Maybe, or Fracture, Torn ligament or tendon? Well all your fears could be probable. Arm pain occurs between the wrist and shoulders but this is not always the case, it could also be due to spinal injuries that radiate to the arm and in deep left arm pain, the pain could also be due to a heart attack.

The arm is made up of three bones, muscles, nerves, tendons, ligaments and joints all of which could be injured and be a source of arm pain. In left arm pain, there is a unique feature of heart attack that makes it a little unique


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Arm Pain and Heart Attack Plus Angina Explained

Arm pain and heart attack are closely related. Arm pain related to heart attack is a result of Angina and is a symptom of the coronary heart disease. The angina is the discomfort or pain in the chest that happens when the heart muscles fail to get adequate blood supply. The pain manifests in the neck, shoulders, back, jaw and the arm.
Angina might feel like indigestion. However, arm pain may indicate the possibility of getting a heart attack hence it is necessary to deal with it at the earliest possible sign of trouble. This article vividly explains the relationship between the arm pain and heart attack and gives ten practical ways which, if followed, will help you overcome these conditions and live longer.


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Hip pain while running | Here are Proven Ways for finding Relief

Most runners have experienced hip pain while running from time immemorial, which brings forth the importance of understanding the way these injuries come about and the measures that can be put in place to avert them. Characteristically, there exists two key types of flexor injuries of the hip for runners, the overuse injury such as hip flexor tendonitis that is chronic or strain resulting from awkward movements.

For one to determine the exact cause of hip pain, he should first diagnose the injury next to dissimilar anatomical causes and symptoms following these injuries. Once an individual knows what he is concerned about, he can move to the next section that will provide insights about preventing these injuries.


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Hand Pain Symptoms and Treatment Options | Must Know Forms

Most hand pain symptoms and treatment techniques are those that target dealing with arthritis in the hand. It is common to find people with arthritis experiencing pain in their wrists or hand, and this can turn out to be extremely debilitating.

Our hands are used in handling most of the daily activities that range from dressing and washing to threading a needle or typing. When arthritis affects the digits and the joints in your hand, carrying out your day to day activities can be a nightmare.

The most common symptoms of hand pain include stabbing cramps or pain in your wrist or hand, stabbing pain around your shoulders and neck and elbow pains that shoot down your forearm. When you experience any of these kinds of hand pain, you might easily brush it off and think your body is fatigued.

However, in most cases, these symptoms may not fade as time progresses. Any form of medication that you take will be a temporary solution to the problem or could even aggravate it. This article will effectively guide you in understanding the different forms of hand pains, their symptoms and treatment.


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Arm Pain Symptoms and Treatment | 6 Key Types You Must Know

Appendix is a small appendage of the gastrointestinal tract found on the right side of the body just above the hip joint; it is a small extension of the colon or the large intestines.

Causes of appendicitis

Appendicitis is an infection of the appendix that occurs from bacteria that infect the appendix whose source is from eating contaminated food with pathogenic bacteria or from ‘friendly’ bacteria found in the gut that can become opportunistic and cause an infection. The infection can complicate to an abscess or peritonitis (infection of the abdominal wall).


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Lower Back Pain in Early Pregnancy | How to Get Fast Relief

Are you expecting a child for the first time and in tight spot of experiencing lower back pain in early pregnancy? Though many people think of it as normal, any kind of pain experienced in early pregnancy can be risky and distressing to both the mother and the child.

What are the causes of low back pain in early pregnancy?

Many women having low back pain put the blame on the hormonal changes and the enlarging uterus. There is absolute truth in that, hormonal changes contract and relax the muscles which are attached to the spine hence causing low back pain in early pregnancy to arise. This pain causes discomfort because it denies you the freedom to stand, walk, bend, sit for many hours or lift up things.

On the other hand, the expanding uterus changes the center of gravity by stretching out and weakening the abdominal muscles. For this case, some extra strain is put to your back hence causing the low back pain due to nerves being pressed.
Besides, the extra weight the mother- to- be is carrying increases strain on her joints therefore, causing low back pain because the muscles in charge are over burdened. In addition, urinary track infections can also cause low back pain in early pregnancy.


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No More Abdominal Pains After Eating | Find Solutions Here

A lot of people who eat foods that are improperly digested or that reacts with bodily substances experience abdominal pains after eating. This is characterized by severe pains in the left or/and right sides of the person’s abdomen. It occurs mainly because of taking foodstuffs that your body is not accustomed to, overeating and foods you are allergic to. However, this abdominal pains after eating mostly are not serious and can be readily diagnosed and treated.

4 Causes of abdominal pains after eating

Abdominal pains after eating are not felt immediately after a meal, mostly time taken to start feeling the pains depends on the type of food you take and how your body reacts to it. Food is not the only cause of abdominal pains after eating, there are several health conditions and diseases that causes it. These are;


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Pain in Left Shoulder | How You Can Handle it

Are you experiencing pain in left shoulder? This pain can be very discomforting and extremely painful. However with proper and guided information on the causes, symptoms and treatments you will be able to conquer this annoying pain.

Pain in Left Shoulder | Why it Worries You?

Even though most of us are right handed, doesn’t necessarily mean that you cannot experience left pain of the shoulder. As much as writing for long hours can predispose or contribute to shoulder pain, it is usually not the main reason why you experience shoulder pain.

Shoulder pain of the left side is usually of a much higher concern than right shoulder pain and therefore keen attention should be paid to this pain as it could be a symptom of underlying life threatening conditions like angina and heart attack.

It is also caused by poor posture in computer use, injury, bone diseases, rotator cuff disorders and spinal cord abnormalities.Here is a quick read that can help to clear any fears and help you to manage the pain to restore normalcy

What Causes Pain in Left Shoulder?


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Relationship between Pain in the Left Side Stomach and Colon Cancer?

Could that pain in the left side stomach be linked to colon cancer? When one experiences pain in the left side stomach it may be a symptom of a certain disease. This discomfort may be associated with descending of the colon. As a result, the abdomen wall may have some inflammation or in some cases cancer might crop in.

Pain is detected by the nervous system; the nervous system is divided into two parts. The central nervous system is composed of the brain and spinal cord, while the peripheral nervous system has nerves outside the brain and the spinal cord.

How Pain in the Left Side Stomach related to Colon Cancer Affects You as a Victim

A bloody stool which is a sign of blood loss. Severe pain in the left side stomach can cause discomfort and develop unwanted stress. There is a tendency to experience fatigue frequently and a feeling of nausea or vomiting.

colon cancer12 300x281 Relationship between Pain in the Left Side Stomach and Colon Cancer?

pain in left side stomach

Appetite loss can make one’s body weak, inviting other nutritional related diseases due to insufficient nutrients. The pain caused by Colon cancer is unbearable and can lead into sleepless nights, distress and headaches.

When diagnosed with colon cancer, it would be natural to feel stressed as there is no clue what the future might have in store.Eating a well balanced diet would be highly recommended for the body to get sufficient energy. It would be wise to avoid contamination from germs by using germ killing soaps while washing or bathing. If one has any doubts there is no harm in seeking professional help.

Colon cancer is among the dreaded killer diseases; therefore it is wise to get the proper medical care. There are many treatments for colon cancer which are available worldwide. New and improve drugs are invented frequently.If the disease is discovered on time and one starts the treatment immediately, the chances of getting cured are high.

The 3 different methods of treating pain in the left side stomach related to colon cancer

Treatment through drugs

Treating colon cancer with drugs is fine when the infection has spread beyond the colon. There are many drugs for treating cancer and doctors will recommend you to the most effective ones. The cancer drugs are injected into the body and then passed to the blood so that it reaches every cell and destroys the cancer cells.

Radiation Treatment

In this method a machine is used, it normally specializes on the affected areas. The process is well suited for cancer that has not pass beyond the colon. Radiation treatment can be done to a patient who is dealing with both drug and surgery treatment

Surgery treatment

A complete surgery is done by the doctor if the polyps is inside your colon. If the cancer has spread to the lining of the colon a resection surgery is done.
Nowadays a simpler method called laparoscopy is used by the doctors. The method is much faster and more efficient.

Sometimes these method have some side effect, it is good if one knows how to manage it. One may also seek medical help from a doctor.

Summary of Pain in the Left Side Stomach Related to Colon Cancer

Most of the time many people have pain in their left side stomach, but they simply ignore and take painkillers that would ease the pain. However, it is advisable to see a doctor so that early treatment may start before the disease gets complicated .

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Stiff Neck Remedies That are Simple and Effective

Are you experiencing a stiff neck? Read about Stiff Neck remedies that will both cure and give you a real stiff neck relief you have always needed. Stiff Neck Remedies are the last thing on our mind when it comes to health and fitness.

It is not until when the neck pain sets in that we start looking for cure to the problem. It becomes very inconveniencing when you cannot turn you neck with proper flexibility and see what is happening around you.


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