Truth about Colitis Exposed

Ischemic Colitis

Are you like my friend who was in so much pain due to colitis and did not know what it is but felt its pain. Here is a simple guide for any layman to understand Continue Reading


How To Eliminate Sciatic Nerve Pain During Pregnancy

Sciatic Nerve Pain During Pregnancy

Wondering what causes sciatic nerve pain during pregnancy and how to deal with it. This article is for those who are experiencing it and looking for help. Continue Reading


Abdominal Pain and Bloating Home Remedies

abdominal pain and bloating

Are you experiencing a painful abdominal pain and bloating ? This article is out to explore the causes of abdominal pains and bloating plus home made treatments Continue Reading

Pain During Intercourse | Why You Should Not Experience This?

Pain during Intercourse

Is Your Sexual intimacy disrupted by vaginal pain during intercourse? Here is a way you could rekindle you love life and bring the fun back into your relationship Continue Reading


Hip Pain during Pregnancy Effective Relief Techniques

hip pain during pregnancy

Hip pain during pregnancy is a normal symptom which plagues women in trimester three. However, some may experience this pain in trimester two, but it is typically a problem that occurs in final pregnancy weeks. Hip discomfort or hip pain can be mild or agonizing. Several women typically find this pain extremely unbearable because it keeps them awake a better part of the night and others experience tough times walking during the morning hours.

There are several causes of hip pain during early pregnancy. During pregnancy, a woman’s body releases the hormone relaxing, which serves the purpose of relaxing and softening all muscles and joints. This hormone comes in immense amounts for preparing the body for labor. Additionally, this hormone takes the responsibility of softening the pelvis and the joints, for it to become easy for the body of the baby to move past the birth canal during delivery. Unluckily, hormone relaxing increases someone’s injury susceptibility, and thus results in the pain of the hip to several women. Continue Reading

Palm pain during pregnancy | 9 Amazing Home Remedies for Relieving it

Arm pain during pregnancy

During pregnancy, some women feel palm pain during pregnancy. This is simply a sensation caused by carpal tunnel syndrome. The Carpal tunnel is a connecting tube through which the nerves in the hands and fingers run through.

During this time, this tube tends to swell due to an accumulation of fluid in the spaces between the tissues, which in turn compress the nerves. The pressure applied on the nerve caused due to the swollen carpal tissue causes pain in the main nerve and the other smaller nerves which then shifts to the thumb and fingers.
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Pain in Left Lower Back | Causes and Treatment

lower back pain right side

Any time you experience back pain, particularly pain on your left lower back, ensure you visit a physician for medical check up. Never ignore pain as it may be a symptom of more internal body problems.However, it may be just a minor ache that can be solved by taking an antibiotic.
It is important to understand the nature of your lower back pain and the extent of harm it brings to your body. Knowing how you feel is helpful to the doctors as it provides a basis for their diagnosis. Continue Reading

Chest Pains When Breathing or Coughing | 6Amazing Home Remedies

chest pain when breathing

Having pain chest pains when breathing or chest pains when coughing may or may not be an indication of an even worse underlying disease, this sort of notion is what actually makes many people dread when they feel that they have problems in their chests. The chest holds several organs that are extremely vital for the survival of a person; these include the heart, the esophagus and the lungs.
It is difficult to correctly diagnose where the pain may be coming from. Determining the primary cause of the pain is the first and most important step in trying to correctly prescribe the treatment for the pain. This article highlights the best remedies for treating chest pains when breathing or coughing.

One way of determining whether you require immediate medical attention is by to find out whether you are experiencing severe pain in the chest, in which case, you should seek urgent medical attention. If the pain radiates from the left side of the chest then you should definitely seek medical attention. Continue Reading


Side Pains Right Side | Here is How to Deal With Them

Side Pains Right Side

Dealing with side pains right side can be one tormenting thing if you don’t know what pain it is. The abdominal cavity holds various body organs that could be easily hurt thereby causing you pain. This article will try and analyze the various types of pain you need to be aware of.

It is hoped that with the information you will receive here, you will be in a better place to act wisely. Some pains may be mild while others intense. It is good to notice the exact location of the pain. Through identifying the position of the pain and reading this article you will be in a better place to make a decision. Continue Reading

How to Choose The Best Mattress for Back Pain Relief

best mattress for back pain

Sleeping on the best mattresses for back pain relief is recommended. This is due to the fact that it can aid in reducing or totally eliminating back pain. Lack of proper back support when sleeping can lead to a poor sleeping posture. This causes straining of back muscles affecting the spine alignment which leads to sever lower back pain.

Why You Need The Best Mattress for Back Pain Relief?

Apparently, if your mattress does not meet your preferences, your comfort while sleeping can be compromised. The Best Mattresses For Back Pain relief is one that can provide a good backbone support and comfort. This helps reduce back pain since the spine is able to rejuvenate during the night, allowing its structures to comfortably rest.

With a wide variety of sleeping mattresses on sale today, choosing the one that will suit your needs can be challenging. Below are practical tips aimed at aiding any patient to make a well informed decision while selecting the best mattress for pain relief on the back. Continue Reading