Stomach Pains in Children | Tips to Deal with Abdominal Pains in Children

stomach pains in children | abdominal pains in children

Dealing with stomach pains in children can be one tough thing as children are not able to clearly explain the pain. Most kids will cry when they have a minor abdominal pain and some will even cry when they are simply full.

At other times the pains could be signs of greater things that are hidden and could bring harm to your child. With these types of challenges parents or guardians find it difficult to distinguish the pains felt by the child.

These tips will help you get to identify the pains that require your urgent attention or get to know when you should just relax and let it heal. Continue Reading


Dealing with Lower Abdominal Pain Right Side during Pregnancy Fast

abdominal-pain-right side in-pregnancy

Are you pregnant and experiencing abdominal pain right side during pregnancy? Many women as they approach the first stage in pregnancy, the belly grows larger and they start to experience a sharp and aching pain in the stomach area.

This pain is known as lower abdominal pain. This may be normal with pregnancy but can a sign of serious complications and a medical check up is recommended.

Causes of Lower Abdominal Pain on Right Side during pregnancy?

With all the changes that take place during pregnancy period, is obvious for women to wonder whether what the pain is normal or there is a sign of particular complication. The abdomen undergoes major changes during pregnancy, therefore many pregnant women will complain about acute pain. . This usually happens around the time the embryo is implanting itself in the lining of the uterus. Continue Reading

Secrets of Dealing with Upper Left Side Abdominal Pain Quickly and Easily

upper left side abdominal pain

Want to learn how to deal with upper left side abdominal pain quickly and easily then you have arrived. This is a relentless life threatening pain that no one can afford to ignore. It causes a stomach ache which is… Continue Reading

Kiss Goodbye Pain in the Lower Side Abdomen female stomach

pain in lower right abdomen female

Pain in the lower right abdomen female stomach is a common type of stomach discomfort. The abdomen is the section sandwiched between the pelvis and the chest. This abdominal pain is sometimes referred to as stomach ache, bell ache, tummy… Continue Reading

Pain in Lower Abdomen Female System

pain in lower abdomen female

Any Pain in lower abdomen female reproductive system can be distressing especially when the reasons behind it are unknown. Women are made unique in many ways more so their reproductive system. The female reproductive system comprises of many tissues which… Continue Reading


Real Solutions for Sharp Lower Left Abdominal Pain

Sharp lower Left Abdominal Pain

Are you depressed about a sharp lower left abdominal pain that you, your relative or friend has been experiencing lately but you do not know what it is all about? Left abdominal pain is a kind of pain that occurs… Continue Reading

Get over the Pain in Abdomen Left Side | Causes and Treatment

pain in abdomen left side

Pain is experienced in every part of the body and pain in abdomen left side is no exception. In some cases the pain may not occur at the abdomen itself but may cause abdominal discomfort. An example is the strep… Continue Reading


How to Treat Lower Abdominal Pain Left Side

Lower abdominal pain left side

Lower abdominal pain left side is often experienced in the stomach region or in the belly. Lower abdominal pain is also identified as pelvic pain. Abdominal cramps or pain are associated with various organs such as the spleen, appendix, aorta… Continue Reading